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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Birthday reflection

So, according to the lies on my birth certificate, I turned 34 today.

In order to not feel completely awful about such things, I decided to review my accomplishments. 

Things I've accomplished:

1.  A BA, an MA, a JD, and a graduate certificate in public health management (pending);
2.  Admission to practice in KY and US District Court E.D.K.Y., beginning fifth year of practice;
3.  Married for over 7 years (nearly 12 years together), and we still like each other;
4.  Raising two pretty, clever little daughters who talk too much;
5.  Beginning my fourth year at UK;
6.  Also being an adjunct professor at the law school;
7.  Gave my first lecture at a national conference yesterday;
8.  Beginning my second year with the community orchestra;
9.  Have great friends, family and colleagues;
10. Have a magnificent shoe collection; and
11. Don't look a day over 29, bitches!

(Not pictured: My 5 inch black stilettos.  Hell yeah!)

Things I want to accomplish in the near future:

1.  Get published (first articles, then a book);
2.  Create a major public health research project;
3.  Travel more;
4.  Sleep more;
5.  Drink more;
6.  Eat less/exercise more;
7.  Pay off my credit card.

So, hopefully those things will happen by the next birthday.  Well, probably not the pay off the credit card, but I can dream.

In other news, I'm gearing up for Halloween.  I'm making the kids' costumes.  Vee is going to be a Dalek, and Cora is going to be a Weeping Angel.  I'm going as Victorian Clara Oswald.  I think husband is on board for going as the Eleventh Doctor, but we'll see.  He isn't nearly as excited as he ought to be about family Doctor Who cosplay, but whatev, he's lame.   I've got 3 more weeks to teach Vee to say "Exterminate!" instead of "Trick or Treat!"  Add it to the wish list of accomplishments.


Paragon2Pieces said...

Happy birthday! That's an impressive list you've got going there :)

PT LawMom said...

Happy birthday! Love your list - may steal the idea when I turn 35 in two months (eek!) Hope the day was killer.

LL said...

Happy Birthday! I like your lists and I think I'd really like the 5" black stilettos.

Attorney At Large said...

So much to be proud of! Happy birthday. :)

Izzie said...

Happy Birthday!

legally certifiable said...

Have a great day--you look fab! My girls would be all over a toddler Dalek who said "Exterminate!"

Frenchie said...

Happy Birthday, you are looking great!!