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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kid stuff

On Kindergarten....

Kindergarten started last week.  We are not pleased about waking up at 6 am.  Cora even gets to wake up at 6:25 a.m.  She's not happy about that either.  I had this clever notion that Vee would stay asleep and I could spirit Cora over to the bus stop without dragging her out of the house as well, but Vee is really the only one who wakes up when the first alarm goes off (I have to set like four alarms... we are not morning people).  The bus arrives at 6:58 a.m.  This does not please me.  It does not please Cora either.  She usually whimpers in the morning, something to the effect of "Why do I have to go to school in the middle of the night?"  Totally sympathize, it's ridiculous.  

She got sent home from school on Tuesday with a fever, a present from her little sister.  It was just a 24 hour bug, and she was totally fine on Wednesday, but wasn't allowed to go back to school because they can't return for 24 hours after the fever breaks.  (WTF ever.)  She went back on Thursday, and didn't have a great day.  She got in trouble for talking instead of listening, which is probably going to be a life-long problem, not an isolated incident.  But oh well.  Other than that, things seem to be fine.  Cora's excited about school, and she likes learning Spanish.  


We've put martial arts on hold for awhile, might pick it back up over the summer.  We've decided that, with school, and all the craziness, she needs to stick to two extracurriculars: one physical activity and one musical instrument.

Cora is still playing violin, and things have been going fairly well lately.  She's been good with practices, willing to put in the work, and excited about her own progress.  Her note reading skills are improving, as is her intonation.  She's advancing to the older group class when it starts back next month.  She's also taking ballet again, and she'll be dancing in the ballet school's performance in November.  (They don't do recitals, they do actual performances, and find ways to incorporate the smaller kids into it.)  

We did, however, add an extra activity, though it isn't one that requires anything more than just the class itself.  She'll be taking a swim class starting next weekend.  We've really dropped the ball on swimming, kept missing getting her into swim classes (they fill up pretty much immediately).  Hoping she'll learn how to swim before next summer.  She's been really stressed out about it, every time we go to the pool.  One of her besties is only three months older than her, and is actually on a swim team.  But swimming's always been her thing, and not Cora's.  Cora's always been a bit nervous about water, and isn't enthusiastic about the pool in general.  I'm not really enthusiastic about the pool either, which doesn't help.  (I'd much rather lay beside it, in the shade, drink a margarita and read my book.)

Hobbies and interests

Cora's big obsession lately has been Greek mythology.  She's been interested in it for awhile, but I got a new book for her that she loves, and then I bought the Percy Jackson movie for her.  I swear, she's watched it like 5 times since we got it.  We finally went to see the new movie in the theatre this week, which she loved.  (As an aside, is it a contract requirement that whatever movie or TV show Nathan Fillion is in, he has to make a Firefly reference?  Just curious.)  

Music-wise, she still loves Taylor Swift the most, but she's showing an interest in musicals and opera.  Her album of choice at the moment is the 25th anniversary Phantom recording with Sierra Boggess.  I'm planning to take her to Les Miz in October.  (I would've actually tried to get her in for an audition as Cosette, but found out about it too late.  They'd never have cast her, nor should they, but I thought an audition would be a really neat experience for her.) 

The other thing that Cora is suddenly interested in are Legos.  We bought a Lego set for her friend's birthday (she's an awesome kid and loves Batman, so we got her a Batman lego set), and her cousin has a ton of Lego sets, so she keeps saying she wants them for her birthday.  Ugh.  Okay, Legos are great in theory, but I just envision them everywhere in my house, and finding all of them with my bare feet.  I've tried to talk her into waiting, that she might want them next birthday instead.  But she's persistent.  I told her, if we do this Lego thing, they will have to be worked on downstairs, because otherwise, it's going to be real hard to build whatever kit she's building when an annoying little sister has stolen some of the pieces.  And, of course, the kits she wants?  Hobbitses!  She totally expects Hobbit Legos to do this

Little sisters

So, that's what's up with Cora.  Vee turns 2 this week.  She is still a total beast.  A new development is she thinks it's hilarious to run off whenever I tell her to do something (let's change your diaper, let's get our shoes on, let's brush our teeth, let's not run into traffic).  She isn't at all phased when she gets swatted on the butt for it either, but she does get angry when you grab her and then take her to that thing she was running from in the first place.  She is not a "pleaser" like Cora, and does not give a shit about your opinion or your consequences.  

Overall, she is usually happy and compliant, but she is also often angry.  She does not like to be left at daycare in the morning, she gets very mad.  Unless there's food, then she's fine with it.  On the bright side, she has been biting fewer of her classmates, and now uses her words to tell them off.  She apparently had a fight with her boyfriend the other day, and ignored him.  He kept trying to get her attention, and she was having none of it.  She is not impressed with your peacock antics, males of the species.  Go 'way!  

She loves the ABC's, and knows all her letters.  She has this foam ABC set that punch out the letters and put them back in.  Miraculously, we've yet to lose any.  She loves her shapes.  She has this iPhone app that is toddler shapes.  As a result, she's probably the only kid under 2 who can distinguish a hexagon from an octagon from a parallelogram.  She loves Elmo and, as a result, Destiny's Child.  She watches "Best of Elmo" on my iPad, and backs it up herself to watch Elmo and Destiny's Child over and over again.  (I have yet to buy her any Destiny's Child or Beyonce albums, but I'm sure it's coming.)  She still loves Austin Moon and won't go to sleep at night without the Austin & Ally soundtrack playing.  She sings along until she falls asleep.  She also likes Little Einsteins and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and is only interested in watching Austin Moon if he's singing.  

The rest of TV is uninteresting, including Sesame Street if it's not either Elmo or Abby (preferably Elmo).  She will, however, pipe in and contribute to the sister's shows.  For instance, when Percy Jackson cuts off the heads of the hydra, and the hydra flops around headless until it grows back twice as many heads, Vee watches long enough to say "Oh no" when the hydra falls down and "Yay, hydra!" when the hydra gets back up with extra heads.  Thanks to Daddy, she is also now the proud owner of a talking Dalek doll that she snuggles, and giggles when it says "Exterminate!"  One of our triple board residents told me that all toddlers are sociopaths.  Yep. 

Vee's favorite possessions are her "Passy," her "Taggies," her "Blanky," and her "Cup."  She loves the slide and the swing.  She loves shoes and phones, particularly iPhones.  (She has several apps of her own.)  She loves music and loves to sing.  She will snarf down pretty much all forms of food, but she best loves gummy fruit snacks, blueberries, and mac 'n cheese.  She hates the dog.  Seriously.  Whenever the dog is near her, she complains, loudly, and shoos her away.  Don't even get me started if the dog tries to climb in bed with her, she gets very angry.  Cora has always loved that dog, and Vee can barely tolerate being in the same room with her.  And yet, she always tells her hi and bye-bye and good-night, and she has taken over Cora's chore of feeding the dog, despite her disdain.  I don't get it.  But she loves those awful little Shih Tzu creatures her grandmother has.  I really don't get that.  

Since Cora is taking a swim class, we decided that Vee should take one too, and maybe we won't screw up the swimming thing with Vee like we did Cora.  So, hopefully that will go smoothly.  I've thought about Baby Ballet for Vee, but she's not exactly a delicate flower like Cora was.  I think gymnastics might be the way to go.  Or Baby Rugby.  But we'll see.  She's there at the ballet school hanging out while Cora's in class, so she might show an interest.  Or she'll completely ignore everything that's going on, because there's a play area and, her favorite, baby dolls.

So, that's pretty much it with the kids.  I'd go into my stuff, particularly work stuff, but geez, it exhausts me just thinking about it.  Work, busing kids around, orchestra, and school.  I just can't even.  But I'm going to Dragon Con at the end of the week, so I'll get some much-needed geeky grown-up time.