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Friday, June 7, 2013


We spent a week in Orlando, did 4 days at Disney World (2 Magic Kingdom, 1 EPCOT, 1 Hollywood Studios).  I could use about 2 weeks' of vacation to recover from that.

Vee did not go to Disney.  She went to Chicago with her grandparents, and had a delightful time with "GAMMAW" and "GAMPAW BONK."  She greatly enjoys her cousins, and Grandma's little doggies (my mother-in-law has this herd of Shih-Tzus, lord have mercy).  She apparently became quite the Grandpa's girl during that trip, still talks about him (and learned a new word "bonk"... the game is to "bonk" Grandpa on the head... no wonder Violent Violette likes him so much). 

Violent Violette is a beast.  She screamed bloody damned murder for 20 minutes tonight over some raisins.  Husband is taking her (and Cora) to see his sister in Albuquerque in August.  By himself.  Hahaha.  They're totally ending up on the no-fly list.  I, on the other hand, intend on enjoying my week to myself. 

I'm unfortunately still crazily busy.  Vacation put me behind, and things have picked up at work, and projects projects projects. 

I'm racking up credit card debt again, and need to stop spending so much money. 

I fell off the wagon with my diet.  I've lost a total of 5 pounds.  I'd hoped to lose 10 by the end of the 8 weeks, but it's not happening.  I need to regain motivation since returning from vacation.  I did not gain weight on vacation, surprisingly enough.  I had enough self-control to not eat everything in sight.  Husband, however, ate 5 plates of food at Boma (the African buffet at Animal Kingdom Lodge).  I tried to make good choices, although admittedly, I did go back for seconds at Boma.  (So good!)

My favorite thing at Disney are all the strapping young foreign men they bring to work at EPCOT.  Norway and Germany are my favorite places.  In addition to the hot boys in Germany that poured me beer, I also met a hot boy named Thor.  I mean, seriously, Disney is the happiest place on earth. 

That's about it.  At some point I'll do a proper Disney post, for anyone who gives a crap about Disney vacation planning. 

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