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Friday, June 28, 2013

Back to school

I'm starting classes next month, to get a graduate certificate in public health management.  I've decided doing a doctorate at this point would be sheer insanity, and I don't really want to spend 5 years working on another professional doctorate anyway.  Maybe someday, if I'm still working for the university and it's free, I'll do a PhD in something incredibly useless, just 'cuz.  Write a dissertation on the influence of naturalism in corporeal mime.  (No offense to anyone out there who wrote that dissertation.  But that ain't gonna get you a job, son.)  Anyway.  The certificate program only requires 5 classes, so I could be done by next fall. 

Other than that, just the usual.  It's hot.  We went to the pool.  We start swim lessons for both kids next month.  Vee is a water baby.  Cora is less than impressed, but has a good time if she doesn't have to get her head under water. 

I majorly fell off the diet wagon, but I've finally climbed back on this week.  I'm at least food diary-ing again.  I had a bad day yesterday, which included getting trapped in the vestibule of the pharmacy school due to a freak air compressor event (it vacuum-sealed the exterior doors).  I had a martini for dinner.  I put it into my food diary.  I'm going to get judged.  (What?  I stopped at one.  But only because I had to drive home.)

That's about it.  Spent last week in the 'Ville for the bar convention.  Had a great time with friends.  Hoping to have a nice relaxing summer (with some work to do next month for class!)  But I'm excited about it.  I feel more focused when I'm in school.  Except for the past 4 years, I've always gone to school while working full time.  It was a really weird thing to not have school at the end of the work day.  But this is a distance learning class anyway, so it'll be fine.


Grace said...

Good luck in school! That actually sounds fun, and I would totally love to tack in something else. But alas, time. I can't find it.

CM said...

Is there any option to turn your graduate work into a doctorate if you change your mind in the future?

2 kids + full-time job with significant responsibility + grad school... yep, you sure are lazy. :)