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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back to school

I'm going to pick up a class this fall, that will help me better do my job.  Something like biostats or epidemiology or research methods in public health.  I'm not really thrilled at the prospect of going back to school.  I like being out of school.  I spent 11 years on advanced education, I'm kinda tired of it, and I'd rather do other things in my free time.  But oh well. 

I've been trying to figure out "what's next."  I like what I'm doing now, but where do I want to go from here?  My boss has talked about wanting to pull all of the healthcare advocacy groups at the hospital under one umbrella, and our program being just one of those.  So maybe that's my path.  Or maybe it's into Risk Management or middle management.  I don't know.  I got a card in the mail when I got made a real employee that offered "career counseling" from the university, that's for employees.  Seemed interesting. 

Not that it's necessary right now, but eventually I'll need to figure out if I'm just going to take the classes I need post-bacc, or if I'm going to try for a DrPH.  (The PhD requires the second semester of calculus, and let's be honest, that is just never going to happen.  I was lucky I got credit for the first semester 15 years ago.)  I have to talk to the department to see if they'd take my Masters in IR.  They take one in Communications, and we had a global health concentration when I was there, and I focused on international organizations, including public health organizations.  So, I think they'd let me skip the Masters and just take the 5 core classes to get up to speed.  The question is whether I should do public health, or health care administration.  Regardless of what path I take, I still want to make use of my JD.  (By the gods, I spent enough time and money on it.)  So, even if I'm not practicing law, I still want law to be a part of what I do.  I'm interested in health care policy making (I'm about to write a policy statement to submit to a national healthcare organization).  I like the advocacy work, and discussing health in the legal context.  But I don't know.  Whatever will get me a job and will pay me good money to do work that is interesting but doesn't control my entire existence?  That's what I want to do. 

But, yeah, biostats.  Feh. 

In other news, we're leaving for vacation on Thursday.  We're taking Cora to Disney.  (Vee's going to Chicago to visit cousins with Grandma and Grandpa over Memorial Day weekend, and then staying home with her other Grandma, who's house-sitting for us.)  Vee does not like people in costume, waiting for anything, or being restrained, all of which would occur at Disney.  She does, however, greatly enjoy her cousins and their piano and her grandparents and their herd of Shih-Tzus (commonly referred to as the "ShihTs").  I would be all, "awww, I'm going to miss the baby," but she was an absolute nightmare this evening, so I'll reserve the "awwws" for when we're in Florida and away from the beastie. 

Next year, the family is talking about doing an Alaskan cruise, which I will skip and stay home with Vee.  I suppose she could go by then (she'd be almost 3 and will be potty-trained and might be less beastly), but I don't think she'd have a very good time, and frankly, neither would I.  I see pretty much zero appeal with cruising through Alaska.  I don't like wildlife.  I really don't care for nature that doesn't involve beaches/ocean.  I don't like cold weather (or extremely hot weather either, unless there's a pool).  Vacation for me involves:  culture (history, art, music, food) and/or beach/ocean.  So, horseback riding on a Moroccan beach, yes.  African safari, no.  Fall in Munich, yes.  Winter in St. Petersburg, oh hell no. 

Cora, however, has been talking about Hawaii constantly.  She really wants to go.  I've promised that, for her birthday one year, we will go.  (She was born on the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.) I think, being an epic history nerd (and American military history having been my undergraduate focus), I can come up with an appropriate "curriculum" to justify it as an educational trip and get the kids out of school in early December for a week in Oahu.  And if they don't approve it, well, screw 'em, we're doin' it anyway.  Like it'd be my first trip to truancy court.  Pffft.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sweet Dreams of Dragons, Sirens and Austin Moon

I am not a morning person.  If the day didn't start til noon, I would be so much more productive.  And I hate morning people.  You ever roll into work in the morning, half-asleep, hair still wet because blow-drying it would have taken away an extra 10 minutes of sleep, sucking down caffeine in an attempt to feel human, and some obnoxious fool comes bounding in, loud, hyper, energetic, just so damn cheery, and you just want to rip their face off and then crawl back into bed?  That's me.  Don't talk to me before 10 a.m., seriously.

So, it's good for me that my children are also not morning people.  They wake up sometime in the 8 o'clock hour, and sometimes even the 9 o'clock hour if we let them (and we sure do on the weekends... they normally go to school at 8:30 for breakfast though).  The problem is, they also don't want to go to bed at night.  (Again, my problem as well.)

Their bedtime is 9pm, but it isn't unusual to push it later because we have stuff to get done, baths and violin and chores.  Last night, Vee was placed in her crib at 9:15 after her post-bath pedicure (she wanted red toes), two books, and performing her new chore (feeding the dog... this only has to be done once every few days because she massively overflows the bowl, and the dog doesn't like dog food enough to over-eat).  Cora then wanted a story out of the Greek mythology book.  We read the one about Athena's gift of the olive tree to Athens, and then she wanted to talk about whirlpools, because "they're called something funny, right?  carrobs?"(Charybdis, and I don't even know how she knew that, since we hadn't gotten to the Odyssey yet), so then we ended up talking about the Iliad, because the Odyssey doesn't really make sense outside of the context of the Trojan War, and somehow it's 10pm before she went to sleep, to happily dream of sea monsters. 

Meanwhile, Vee is not sleeping.  Vee is talking, she is playing, she is not sleeping.  Finally, by about 10:30, her insomnia begins to upset her, and she starts crying.  It's not unusual for her to still be awake at 10, but very unusual for her to cry about it.  So, I go snuggle her, and she's so obviously very tired.  I ask her if she's ready to go back in her crib.  "NOOOO!"  Then the bribery:  "If you lay down in your crib, you can listen to Austin Moon."  Big smiles.

So, she laid down in her crib, I laid down in the bed in her room, turned on "Austin Moon" on my iPhone, and read on my Kindle app while it played.  She gives a muffled "yay" after each song, until finally she falls asleep.  I stay up until 12:30 reading Clash of Kings, and wonder why I was tired this morning.