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Monday, April 22, 2013

Galas, steampunkery, and books

Saturday night, (with the kids spending the night with Grandma) Husband and I went to a fundraiser for the Lexington Public Library, themed from the book the Night Circus.  They brought in the author Erin Morgenstern, along with G.D. Falksen.  So, it was a costumed gala: steampunk, Victorian, or the red/white/black from Night Circus.  It was a lot of fun, I'm glad we went.  I read Night Circus for our book club last year (I didn't go meet the author to get the book signed though, because I have it on Kindle... the downside to ebooks, I suppose).  There were nibbles, and a cash bar, although the drinks were pretty reasonable ($6 for a bourbon is pretty decent).  There were performers playing with fire, and a magician, as well as vendors selling jewelry and art.  They also had free cotton candy, which is totally awesome.  It seemed to be a pretty big success, and was packed.  We had to wait in line for 30 minutes just to get inside.  The costumes were awesome though.  (Best costume?  The Fourth Doctor.  I mean, how awesome is that?)

So, yeah, costumes.  Husband spent quite a bit of money putting together his costume, including this annoying as crap steampunk gun that makes gawdawful noises when it "fires."  I, however, decided to make portions of my costume, because I'm crazy like that.  I had bought the material to make a bustle last year before Dragon*Con, and then ran out of time (I was going to have to hand sew it because I didn't have a sewing machine, and just didn't have time for it.)  I, of course, bought the sewing machine this winter.  The bustle was my first project, which was kind of a disaster, because I was sewing delicate lace onto delicate material, and the result was an epic fail ball of bobbin.  But I finally got the lace trim all attached, but then got tired of the project and put it aside.  Until Friday night.  I decided I was not going to deal with the sewing machine, which I scarcely know how to use, so I hand-sewed the bustle together, and attached the ribbon.  This was the result:

(Excuse the grossness of my bathroom mirror)

I also spent half the day on my hair.  My hair has gotten long, and there is also a ridiculous amount of it.  I put it up in curlers earlier in the day, and then did a loose updo around the "hat" I accessorized.  

It turned out pretty okay.  I had to borrow the hat from Cora.  It was part of a Halloween costume a few years back, and I gave it to her for dress-up.  She graciously allowed me to use it for the gala, in exchange for taking ownership of the bustle after the gala.  Fair enough.  I found a bird pin (peacock, I think) which I coupled with some feathers and pinned it to the hat.

I bought a costume on sale that was supposed to be some sort of slutty magician's outfit, so I could use the jacket and shirt.  (I decided I'm too fat for the corset at this point.  I wanted to be comfortable, and the shoes would be bad enough.)  Also, as an aside, the magician's outfit was the shirt and jacket paired with a pair of boyshorts, with garters for stockings.  Yes, this came in a size 12/14.  I'm sorry, ladies, but no one who is a size 12/14 needs to be walking around in public wearing only boyshorts.  Yuck.  I opted to wear a long black velvet skirt instead.  I won't be wearing a string bikini at the pool this summer either.  You're welcome, fellow citizens. 

(Hey, just because I cover my ass, doesn't mean I keep my bewbs covered.)

I also bought some materials to make a necklace and bracelet.  The necklace is a rope wrapped in a black chain, meant to resemble octopus tentacles.  It has an octopus pendant, and some gears and clock charms.  My bracelet is a chain with three clocks, tied with a ribbon.  Here's the bustle and the necklace:

(Wine goes with everything.)

Pair it with some dark make-up and uncomfortable shoes, and voila!  Steampunked!

(Close-up of the necklace.)

Overall, not including stuff I already had, I probably spent about $50 on the costume, which I'll likely use again since I'm going to Dragon*Con again, and we'll go to the mechanical ball again.  

Husband, however, spent a lot more money.  He bought our drinks, and then bought me something pretty, a strand of pearls from one of the jewelers.  (He has excellent taste in jewelry.)

After the gala, we went to our friends' house and continued to drink a lot of bourbon.  We got home at 2am, watched the new episode of Doctor Who, went to bed at 3am and then I woke up at 5am this morning to pray to the porcelain goddess.  Husband slept pretty much all day, hung over.  Ah, just like the old days. 

I had my book club scheduled at noon today though, at my house, so I woke up at 10 to get stuff ready.  I was going to do a Paula Deen give-ya-the-diabeetus casserole, but being around eggs seemed like a terrible idea, so I just went and got bagels and cream cheese, croissants, chicken salad and pimiento cheese spread.  I also realized that I didn't have any sparkling wine for the mimosas, so I had to improvise.  (Lexington has finally fought the blue laws and we can buy booze on Sundays now, but not until 1pm.)  So, I used a bottle of dry white wine, and bought a bottle of sparkling grape juice to add some bubbles to it.  It actually turned out really good, and made it a little bit sweeter, which I liked. 

And there you have it, my weekend of nerdy fun!


Kate Sherwood said...

You guys look amazing, and it sounds like you had a lot of fun.

What a great weekend!

Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

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Hehe, bewbs. Totally hawt! Definitely steampunk.