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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Voms and Violin

I have orchestra rehearsal on Tuesday nights, and Husband worked this past Tuesday, so my mom picked the kids up from school.  At which point Vee managed to go all Exorcist and projectile vomit before she left the school.  My mom was nice enough to deal with it so I could still make rehearsal (she got vom'd on a lot).  I couldn't miss any more rehearsals, and I don't deal well with bodily fluids, yuck.  It only lasted a couple hours at least.  But then Vee had to stay home from school on Wednesday even though she was totally fine.  She went back on Thursday and since she had two runny diapers, she got sent home again, and had to stay home again on Friday.  Apparently this thing is the death plague, because my mom got it last night, and Cora got it this evening.  (I made Husband look up the pediatric dose of phenergan... we gave her half the pediatric dose and that seems to have resolved the vomiting.  She's still awake watching My Little Pony on the iPad, and says her tummy still hurts, but she's otherwise fine.)  But at least it happened tonight and not this morning.  Her violin teacher's daughter woke up with it in the middle of the night, and they weren't sure she'd make it to the string festival to play (hopefully she did).

So, yeah, Cora's first string festival was today.  We had to be there ridiculously early.  They make the littles go first (if they tried to get high school students to show up at 7:30 on a Saturday, it'd never happen).  Cora is not used to waking up at 6:30.  I am not used to waking up at 6:30.  But we got there on time.  She was the very first musician to be judged.  She was a little nervous, but she did very well.  She played Song of the Wind and Go Tell Aunt Rhody, which were pieces she'd polished quite awhile ago (she'd played Song of the Wind for her last recital).  She had to say her little blurb to the judges to introduce herself, and then played her songs.  The first she played flawlessly.  The second... well, she sort of forgot to the play the second line, and had to be "reminded."  Oh well.  She still got her superior rating (they go easy on the littles).  They had very good things to say about her playing, and she really was perfectly in tune.  She, not surprisingly, was advised to keep her palm off her violin (we have constant problems with that... not that I can say much, I pretty much had that problem until I was an adult). 

We stayed to watch the rest of the pre-primaries (there weren't very many), and left to get Cora back home.  I had orchestra rehearsal at 9 this morning, our first time practicing with the choir (we're doing a Good Friday performance of The Seven Last Words of Christ by Dubois... it sounds awesome).  After that, we got brunch and then went to the toy store to buy a doll for Cora (her reward for working hard on polishing her pieces for string festival... I am not above bribery).  But beyond the doll, Cora really is very proud of herself, and of her certificate.  (She's also excited about the prospect of getting a trophy, although doesn't understand that she won't get one until at least her third year.) 

So, other than the vom (and the complete unraveling of UK basketball this season, ugh, which left big gaps in my March plans... at this point I would normally be living, breathing basketball, but now I'm like, whatever, I didn't even fill out a bracket), a pretty good week.  I've been working on my presentation for the national summit next month.  (On culture and health equity.)  Still working on the big fundraiser project for next year.  I'm working on a committee to make a pro bono family law mediation project happen.  My law clerk and I are working on a proposal to add us on to the annual pediatrics trip to Ecuador.  I'm trying to craft a research project to work on with colleagues on campus (that we might be able to get grant money to do).  And my newest thing -- I am starting a mock trial team at my old high school, although with a colleague (who was both a high school and law school classmate).  I'm excited about the stuff I'm doing, which is a big improvement on just a few months ago. 

Also, I'm supposed to be made a proper employee, with benefits and everything, by next month, which means I can start taking classes in the fall.  I just need to decide if I want another professional doctoral degree.  I'm thinking about public health, although I haven't found out yet if they'll take my master's.  (They take a master's in communications, I'm hoping they'd take one in IR.  We also did a focus on global health when I was there, so I think it should count!)  But if I want to eventually make the transition to academia full time, or land in an executive director position at a health care-related advocacy organization, I feel like some extra credentials are in order.  I just need to figure out if that's a doctorate, or if I could just do another master's, or maybe I just need to do research and get published and that will be enough.  Regardless, I have to admit, the prospect of going back to school, to go full circle on the topic here, makes me want to vom.  (Somewhere a violin will be weeping for me.)

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PT LawMom said...

Hoping you didn't get the crud after everyone else and that you find a kinder, gentler next degree than the last one. :)