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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mock trials and tight pants

On Saturday, I spent the whole day judging the high school state mock trial competition.  It was pretty fun.  The groups in the morning were, eh, all right.  They didn't have a good grasp on the rules of evidence, which is a pretty big deal in trial advocacy, and I didn't get the impression they really had any coaching or guidance.  The groups in the afternoon, though, did a stellar job.  I wouldn't be surprised if the one group took the state championship today.  From the other group, the team's only girl had a phenomenal command of the rules of evidence, and she and her opponent engaged in a lively argument on an objection to hearsay, and whether it was an exception.  Quite impressive stuff for high schoolers.  Better than a lot of law students I've seen, and even better than some attorneys I've seen in court. 

My high school didn't have a mock trial team, and still doesn't.  A classmate of mine from law school (and also high school) have talked about getting one started.  (She lives and practices there, I would have to make the 30 minute commute.) So, we'll see. 

Today, I took the girls to the mall and actually bought stuff for me instead of them.  (It's Clinique bonus time at Dillard's and I needed new make-up.)  We came across the Easter Bunny and Cora wanted to get her picture taken, so we did.  (Vee was all "hell no" and ran screaming from the sketchy bunny.)  I picked up a couple dresses on sale at Ann Taylor, as well as a new pair of dress pants and a blouse.  The pants are tight.  Sigh.  I've been losing and regaining the same two pounds over and over again.  I can't seem to keep motivation.  I need to get at least this 10 pounds back off that I gained since October.  It's disgusting.  I'm right at that cusp of needing to go up a size, and I am determined I will not do it.  That's why I bought the pants.  They're tight, but they work.  And when the waistband is cutting into my skin all day tomorrow, I'll remember to eat a salad for lunch instead of something really bad. 

Then, after putting the kids to bed, I was working more on tax stuff (going through the receipt box to enter all the deductions), sitting on my bed doing it, reached over to grab something off my desk, and fell out of the damn bed.  I think I bruised my ribs.  Ugh.  I'll blame it on Daylight Savings throwing off my internal clock.  Or something.  

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Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler said...

Long time lurker, first time poster. If you were in a city in Colorado, I was there too!