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Friday, January 25, 2013

Different Expectations

So, with some helpful advice from readers here, and also reading a few music education sites, I decided to take a completely different tactic with violin practice -- Cora's doing it on her own.

Well, most of it.  There are still some things I have to help with from the practice sheet.  But if she's working on polishing pieces or reviewing pieces, our new policy is she's going to her room to practice, with the door closed.  And so far, it's gone pretty well.  The other day she was struggling to remember the notes for the second line of "May Song," and she stopped, sang the notes to help her remember, then played it through.  Big difference in attitude and work ethic.

Maybe that's what it comes down to, is you just don't want your parents correcting you/helping you/telling you what to do.  She's very independent.  Husband told her this morning while she was getting ready for school that she needed to brush her teeth and brush her hair.  She rolled her eyes at him and said, "Yeah.  I know.  I do it *every* morning, don't I?"  Husband didn't find that very amusing, but I did.  Sassy.  What I didn't find amusing was the crying over not being able to find her coat.  (Her coat being in the exact same place it is every morning, in the living room.  Geez.)

Bribery helps too.  I told her if she works hard and does her very best to prepare for string festival, I'll get her this doll she's been wanting.  I know, hard work is its own reward.  Meh.  Prizes.  She's also excited about the possibility of a trophy in the future, but doesn't quite understand how long it will take to get it.  (They can earn a small trophy after 3 years, and a ginormous trophy after 12 years.)

As for me, I'm just excited that this semester's community orchestra music is easy enough for me to play in its entirety (with some practice, of course).  We're doing Dubois's Seven Last Words of Christ, with a choir.  It's slow and pretty, no insanely fast triplets for my poor little fingers to trip over.  Hey, I might be trying to teach my kid to work hard, but I remain steadfastly lazy and adverse to challenges.


Kate Sherwood said...

"Steadfastly lazy and adverse to challenges." I love this line!

So glad to hear things are going a bit better with the violin practice on your daughter's end. I also think it is very cool that her mom plays in the community orchestra. She is seeing an example of adult appreciation of creating beautiful music and of being a part of the community.


Proto Attorney said...

And thank you again for your advice! I'm hoping we've crossed a barrier!

Laurie said...

Do as I say, Not as I do.