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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Five years old!

This weekend was Cora's birthday.  On Friday, we took the birthday girl to breakfast before school, then dinner at home with birthday cake and presents.  She got a bicycle from her grandparents, a Barbie, an iPod shuffle, a (low-end) digital camera, and a Barbie-sized violin. 

 New birthday outfit

Princess Birthday Cake with Five Candles

Little Sisters -- the Gift that Keeps on Giving (You Trouble)

On Saturday, I took Cora and her BFF (also turning 5 next week) to get manicures at the salon and then out to lunch.  Cora's grandparents came in Saturday, so she got lots of fun.  

Then today was the Birthday Princess Tea Party.  (Yes, we had wine to get us through it.)  The party was at J's house (their house is bigger and has less junk everywhere).  There were ten little girls, and four babies, along with several of our friends that don't even have kids but were nice enough to come hang out and drink wine with us.  The girls, all dressed in their best princess attire, had "high tea" (punch and nibbles), did crafts, and had cake.  We asked their guests to bring toy and book donations for the children's hospital instead of gifts for the girls, but the girls still got a few presents anyway.  (Cora is currently sleeping in one of hers... a My Little Pony tent). 

Can't believe they're 5 years old!  

 Birthday Princesses at their Birthday Princess Tea Party

J and Cora, Christmas 2007


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