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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stuffing and other turkeys

The past few weeks have been totally crappy.  My mom got really sick, ended up in the ICU for three days,  on the floor for another week, and in our house for another two.  She ran out of paid time off after three days, and has been off without pay since then.  Sucks.  Hopefully all the medical drama is over, and she's going back to work on Monday.  We then had medical drama with another visiting family member, and fortunately that is resolved, at least locally.  Work and classes and orchestra, tiredness. 

Thanksgiving was good though.  We had the grandparents, and the House Elf, and a couple other friends.  My one year of cooking for the double oven has been completed, much to the relief of the family.  Husband is tired of my uninspired cooking (although, I call it "low-fat"), and Cora much prefers to eat out.  Hey, the agreement was that I would cook, not that it would be tasty.  We plan to remodel the kitchen at some point in the future, but not in any hurry. 

Cora's birthday is in two weeks.  We're doing a joint birthday party with her BFF who is also turning 5.  It's going to be a princess tea party.  (Yes, it makes me want to vomit.  I will need much wine to get through it.)  We're going to get mani/pedis the day before, do hair and makeup before the party, and then have tea with some girlfriends.  Cora got her early birthday present today from the grandparents -- a bicycle.  From us, she is getting a (very cheap and waterproof) digital camera, an iPod shuffle (so Justin Bieber won't cock up my iPod), a pillow pet, and a violin for her Barbie.  On her Santa list, she's asked to complete her Tinkerbell fairy collection, and she wants this horrible My Little Pony castle with bride and groom ponies getting married that I just could not bring myself to purchase just yet.  Sigh.  The Baby is getting puzzles and books, she's too young to ask for obnoxious things just yet.  

We've also been trying to figure out ways to raise our kids to lead service-driven lives, rather than thinking that "normal" is being able to buy whatever we happen to see on a Disney Channel commercial.  We will be spending the next couple weeks cleaning out her room, purging some old toys before we add any new ones.  We're going to select her old toys to give to charity, (as well as transfer the "baby books" to Vee's room).  We're also going to ask that birthday party guests bring a donation for the children's hospital instead of birthday gifts for the girls.  We're going to do the God's Pantry "family sort" in January (they're full for December), where kids age 5 and older can help sort food into boxes. 

So, one week until Cora's Christmas recital, and the community orchestra performance.  I haven't had nearly enough time to practice, so as I do the rest of my life, I'll be muddling my way through.  Work has been busy, and we interviewed candidates for the part-time position open in our program, so hopefully we'll hire someone soon.  My law clerks are gone, working on finals, so it's all me.  Busy busy.  


Attorney At Large said...

FYI, the MLP castle is cheap, according to moms I've spoken with. Super cheap and you have to put it together.

I decided to buy her a few MLP ponies...and then get some Playmobil horse-and-rider sets. My plan is to tell her to use her blocks to build a castle.

Proto Attorney said...

Yeah, it looks pretty awful. I was going to just buy the ponies, but apparently it's more expensive to buy the stupid ponies individually than it is to buy the castle that comes with the ponies. I feel violated by ponies.

Laurie said...

Ugh. I am not looking forward to the influx of more crap. I just purged a bunch of clothes and toys from Ruby's room this past weekend. I am trying to emphasize 'experiences' rather than stuff. Usually falls on deaf ears though....

CP said...

Christmas time is the time of year where I am MOST thankful to have boys. Boy toys are so much more tolerable than girl toys!

I was wondering how that one year of cooking thing worked out. Glad you stuck with it :)

rahul said...

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