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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Four More Years!

Today I cast my third and final vote for Barack Obama.  The first vote was in a primary that actually mattered (Kentucky has never mattered before, our primary is too late) and then in two elections where it didn't (thanks, electoral college and my obnoxiously "red" state).  There are many things with which I disagree with President Obama, and many things in which I have been disappointed in his performance, but I continue to support our President. 

I am grateful for the President's support for equality... as a female professional and as the mother of two daughters, I am grateful for his support of our rights to equal pay for equal work and the ability to make our own choices concerning our lives, our family, our bodies and who we love and marry. 

I appreciate the President's efforts to reform our health care system, particularly his support for preventative medicine in lowering costs and improving outcomes (which certainly helped us in getting our grant and getting me employed full time), but I hope he realizes that it is in no way enough, and the work on that front is just beginning. 

I appreciate his concern for our security and his efforts to keep Americans safe, but I want him to realize that pursuing security at the sacrifice of our personal freedoms and the violation of human rights is simply wrong and does nothing to keep us safe. 

I appreciate the efforts of Congress and the President to pursue reforms following the financial crisis, but I want them to understand that it wasn't nearly enough to protect us all from the greed of those who caused the mess and are still managing to profit from it, in large part due to taxpayer support, and inequality continues to grow as a result. 

There is a lot of work to be done, work that was promised four years ago, and that we, as a nation, have just given the President the opportunity to fulfill over the next four years. 

Also, when next there's a vacancy, I am totally available for appointment to SCOTUS, my qualifications being a JD and the fact that I do not think corporations should be people (which should be the new litmus test for appointees... holy shitsnacks, how stupid is all that Citizens United noise.)  

Condolences to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  While I disagree with them quite strongly, I believe they are both good men with good intentions (simply misguided in their economic and social philosophies).  I hope they both use their considerable support and influence to do great things for our country, despite not leading it. 

Finally, as an aside... Paul Ryan is still sexy.  Now there's a Republican I'd invite to control my vagina.  Rawr.  (Sorry, I couldn't resist, I have an unnatural attraction to Paul Ryan.)

Signing off, and sending happy thoughts to Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota for their support of marriage equality.


CP said...

OMG, PAUL RYAN IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! I disagree with you on politics but I can agree with you on that one! :)

rahul said...

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Fashion Blawger said...

:D Good luck with an appointment to SCOTUS.

-I found your blog by searching for law students. I'm a recent law grad (of a top 10 US school) so, I hope to stay in contact! :)

~I hope to see you on my blog soon ♥
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