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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Baby

The baby, nearly 14 months, is a lot of fun, although she's also rotten as hell. 

1.  The baby loves to walk... just not by herself.  She will hold your hand, push her scooter, rearrange furniture, but she will not walk on her own.  She doesn't even try.  The second you let go, she falls to her butt.  I think she's doing it just to screw with the ladies at daycare.  We're all like, whatev.  The daycare ladies, however, are trying to do baby marathon training or something.  Honey badger though?  Don't give a shit.


2.  The baby is very fond of pots, lids, and stirring.  She's always been enamored with Cora's play kitchens and miscellaneous play cookware, however, she has since moved on to actual cookware.


3.  Eating is still a favorite activity.  In fact, her first real word is "snack."  (Her little face lights up when you ask if she wants a snack.)  Her favorite book at the moment is "BooBoo."  BooBoo is a little blue gossling that eats a lot.  (Very cutely, she points to the blue duck and says "BooBoo.") I bought it because it reminded me of Vee.  The baby eats a ton.  We went out to breakfast the other day, and I ordered the children each a waffle.  The waitress tried to talk me out of ordering Vee one, because she said it was really big, the size of a dinner plate.  I ordered it anyway, explaining that the baby eats a lot.  And, in fact, she ate most of it, even more than Cora did.  The baby eats a lot.

                                                                           Like, a lot

4.  The baby loves shoes.  Not socks, she believes socks are abominations to be immediately removed from the feet, unless coupled with shoes.  She likes to try on all of her pairs of shoes.  She shoves a shoe at me and grunts until I put it on her.  She also loves my shoes.  Her favorite is a retro pair of polka dotted Maddens she enjoys trying on herself. 

Shoe bandit

5.  The baby loves to color.  Probably because crayons are tasty.  She colors at the big girl table.  Which she likes to climb up on.

Surly face

6.  She's lots of fun, well, most of the time.  She's often quite surly.  And she's much more co-dependent than Cora ever was, even though she's mostly unimpressed with me.  Total Daddy's girl.  Whatever.  I'm more fun.



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