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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work and stuff

Work has been crazy.  We expanded services to a new clinic, and when I say "we" I really mean "me."  I'm the only one.  My coworker left to be the director of our local bar association, and her boss is out on long-term medical leave (she's been very sick).  So, I'm it.  Our legal nonprofit partner (I'm the hospital employee) was kind enough to pay my two summer law clerks to stay on until a new attorney is hired.  Fall is always a crazy busy time anyway, since there are more patients in the clinic with well-child visits and school physicals.  With the expansion, I'm crazy busy.

I'm learning a lot about politics and advocacy work.  Maybe that's where I'll go next, I don't know.  Not running for office, of course.  There's too many scandalous photos of me out there throughout the interwebz to do that.  (But maybe I'll do it when I'm like 60.  When I'm 60, I'm gonna be like, "Shit yeah, those're my bewbs!  My bewbs were HAWT back in the day.  Are my opponent's bewbs that hawt?  He doesn't even have bewbs!  Vote fer me!"  Yeah... it won't happen even when I'm 60.)  Anyway, silliness aside, I'm really enjoying what I do, and glad to be doing it.  Granted, I'll be more glad when I have benefits, but whatev.

I've also been doing lots of public speaking, which I used to hate, a lot, but now, I kinda dig it.  I can thank my master's degree for that trial by fire.  Speaking of which, I'm trying to be more involved there, and promote alumni support for the school.  

Other stuff... the Baby is still surly and a total Daddy's girl.  She's tried taking a few steps, but lands on her butt.  She babbles and sometimes will repeat words we say, but they still have no meaning.  Vee also adores her big sister and loves being all up in her business.  She is probably a future engineer, because she is fascinated by how things fit together.  She's always dismantling something, and trying to put it back together.  She has an infectious laugh, and screams angrily for at least 5 minutes whenever I put her in her crib.  She has the appetite of a football player.  She behaves, for the most part, very well in restaurants but does not have lovely table manners. 

Cora and soccer is epic fail.  She's having fun, I guess, but mentioned she wants to start dance class again.  I hate soccer.  I think it's boring, there's all this kicking of the ball, but there's hardly ever scoring.  And peewee soccer isn't much better, even though there's this kid on our team that is a 4-year-old superstar, so we score lots.  Cora runs about 10 feet behind the other kids, and sidesteps when the ball comes anywhere near her.  Definitely my kid.

Violin is going well, although there are definitely lessons where Cora performs better.  Sigh.  I just don't have enough time/energy to practice as much as I need to.  And the orchestra music is haaaaaaard.  Well, it's not that it's hard, it's just that it's really fast, and I cannot play that fast.  So I'm dumbing down the music, like I can only play the first note in each triplet.  Ugh.  Maybe someday I'll be able to play the entire piece as written.  I'm having fun though

So, that's it.  Work, kids, violin.  Husband's working on his doctorate and is cranky.  I just avoid him if possible.  Two weddings in September too.  One friend from law school, and one who is a long-time friend, who Husband went to undergrad with.  I went to the latter's bachelorette party on Saturday, whew, too old to party that late.  But it was fun to go out, actually put on make-up, etc., and meet some new people.  The wedding is this weekend.  Then my birthday (29th again) is the following weekend.  I've asked for an iPhone 5.  Yay!  Can't wait for the Precious!  Almost makes turning 29 again bearable.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cons and Kids and Cars

I was invited to tag along with a few law school friends this year to Dragon*Con in Atlanta.  I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the time and money, until John Barrowman confirmed attending.  (Causing much squeeing, as I'm a big Doctor Who/Torchwood fan.  Yay, Captain Jack!)  So, I committed to going, purchased my badge ($100), paid my share of the hotel ($300), and parking for my car ($120!! freakin' big cities, geez). 

I was definitely glad I decided to go, because right before the convention, Gillian Anderson was booked, and a dream I've had for over half my life was fulfilled.  (Okay, we didn't go have hot lesbian sex, so it wasn't exactly the fulfillment of the dream, but still, I got to meet her and get my picture taken with her, and she's totally awesome.)  John Barrowman is just fantastic, and I also met Joe Manganiello (from True Blood), who felt fantastic.  (Seriously, I didn't know abs could feel like that, holy shit.)  I also met Adam Baldwin, in order to get his autograph for my mother-in-law, who is a huge Firefly/Joss Whedon fan.  There were lots of other celebrities too.  My companions were creeping on Felicia Day most of the weekend, and I just barely even know who she is. (I didn't even know what The Guild was exactly, and I didn't like Buffy so I never watched enough to see her in it.  The only thing I've really seen her in that I've liked was Dr. Horrible, and she's way outshined by the awesomeness of Nathan Fillion and NPH.  Anyway.)  So, really cool!

In addition to meeting celebrities, and watching them speak on panels, we attended two parties (zombie prom and the mechanical masquerade) and went to the aquarium.  I also attended a few panels on writing/with writers since, someday, I'd like to work on that, beyond academic writing.  It was pretty interesting. 

Anyway, fabulous weekend of awesome fun with friends.  The kids went to Chicago with Grandma and Grandpa, so I left early on Monday so I could meet them in Louisville and pick up the kids.  Except I never made it to Louisville.  I only made it as far as 7 miles over the Kentucky state line before my piece of shit car died.  Yes, again, Money Pit stranded me in effing nowhere, on the side of the road, with a dead motor.  Had it towed back to my mechanic (107 miles), who paid me a small amount to take it off my hands (about my first month's car payment).  I then bought a new car, yay!  A 2012 Prius.  I love it.  It's pretty, and smart, and fun.  And bossy, according to the husband.  (He dislikes all the beeping it does for things like, not having your seatbelt fastened, and having the car in reverse.)  Anyway... 50 mpg!  Yay!  Of course, car payment... boo.  But oh well.

In other news, Vee is now a year old.  And she is busy and important.  Her favorite things involve making a mess and eating a lot.  She's not walking yet, but she's cruising, so it will be very soon.  Ever since she had a sick day home with the daddy about a month ago, she has been a total daddy's girl.  She also loves the big sister and follows her everywhere. 

Cora started soccer last week.  It didn't go so well.  She was doing really well until she got hurt and then she was totally not into it, and spent more time watching the ball as it went by than chasing it.  Definitely my kid.  She's not made for aggressive sports.  But oh well.  We can go back to ballet in January.  I just hope she doesn't manage to injure an arm/wrist/hand/finger.  Would not be good for violin playing.

Speaking of which, tomorrow's my first orchestra rehearsal.  The first piece is 20 pages long.  I've never played any piece of music that long before.  Nor have I played in a real orchestra before.  It's a little scary.  Hopefully I won't suck too badly.  I'm just going to sit in the back and try very hard not to suck too badly.