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Sunday, August 5, 2012

MILP Roundup #264

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis at the Butterflyfish, Ptlawmom, Attorney Work Product, Attorney at Large, Today & Tomorrow, Magic Cookie, and Reluctant Grownup blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday.

Alice is a Debbie Downer.

Daisy is home.

But I Do Have a Law Degree finds it's a small world.

Butterflyfish with remodeling.

Momttorney with diagnostics.

Grace with post-surgery cuteness.

LL ponders 3, while Dinei ponders 2.

LEO on feast or famine.

CP with cuddles.

Izzie with travels.

Attorney-at-Large has a guide for those of you about to embark on the (mis)adventures of law school.

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