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Monday, July 9, 2012

Lady vices

I've been pretty silent lately because I don't really have much interesting to say. 

I went shopping today for the first time in, like, forever.  Took the kiddies to the mall, and spent almost as much on Cora as myself.  My mom watched them tonight so I could meet the girls out for dinner and to see Magic Mike (there was an awful lot of dialog, I don't understand why there needed to be an attempt at so much plot... there could have been more hawtness).  Then I came home and watched True Blood, during which Joe Manganiello was stripping again.  Yum.  (So, I'm totally geeking out and going to Dragon Con this year with a few law school friends, so I'll actually get to see him.  I will probably make a complete idiot of myself, like drooling and everything.)

Anyway, three new dresses from Ann Taylor, and a pair of ballet flats.  It was fortunate I'd bought them, because leaving the mall, it was pouring rain and I got completely soaked getting the kids into the car.  Of course, we haven't had rain in forever, we've had that terrible drought and heatwave, the Bluegrass is now the Browngrass, but when we finally get rain, it's when I'm not wearing waterproof mascara.  Had streaks running down my face.  Fail.  Oh well.  I changed clothes at the restaurant, fixed my make-up, all was well. 

I figured I'd take a picture, since it isn't often these days I'm dressed up.  (Fabulous new shoes not pictured).  Do excuse the messy room!

Of course, I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon.  Everyone around me is losing weight it seems, and I've been gaining weight, so I'm going to remedy that.  I was complaining to my doctor about how I'd recently tried to lose weight and I wasn't making any progress, and maybe I need to see a nutritionist or something.  He basically told me to get my fat ass back to Weight Watchers and to the gym.  Balls.  I hate the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus.  Hate.  It.  It does not work for me.  And I'm not just being whiny, or stupid about it.  I lost 20 pounds on the old method, I do know how to count!  I guess the difference is it doesn't count calories, it calculates points based on carbs, proteins, fat and fiber.  And you get unlimited of certain foods.  Well, I think they underestimate how much fruit I can eat.  It's not working for me.  So, I started back on the old method.  Calories, fat and fiber.  And lo and behold, down 3 pounds in the first week.  Yay for old Weight Watchers!

As I said, I lost 20 pounds the last time, but I gained 10 back by the time I got pregnant with Vee and then gained 3 more after she was born (because my husband is my food enabler, and without him around I am perfectly happy eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, also I never drink alone).  The breaking point was when I could once again wear this lovely Calvin Klein dress I had shrunk out of when I'd lost the weight.  I hung onto it because it was expensive and came from Saks (we don't have a Saks, so shopping at one is a real treat for me... it was a post-bar gift for myself when I went to NY), and had intended to have it taken in, but never got around to it.  But now it fits again.  So, that's super depressing.  (Came in handy when I went to a bill signing a couple weeks back though.)  But the dresses I bought today will still fit even if I lose 10 pounds, because they're snug.  Also, I pretty much stay the same size, because it takes a lot of weight loss to effect the size of my bust, to take me down a dress size.  Pants will go down almost immediately though.  I haven't been able to wear hardly any of my pants since I was a few months pregnant, I've been getting by mostly with skirts and dresses, and alternating a few pairs that were larger sizes.  Sucks.  Tired of it. 

In addition to Weight Watchers (old points), I'm also trying to work out some.  Since I can't go to the gym in the mornings before work when Husband works the night before, I've been trying to use the elliptical before the kids wake up.  When I have to start going to work at 8am again this fall, I'll probably leave work a little early and go to the gym before picking up the kids.  I've also been to Zumba a few times at the Y.  It's fun.  That and Cora and I have been playing one of those dance games for the Wii. 

So, that's that.  A month until school starts and everyone's miserable.  I have to wake up earlier, Husband's taking a full course load (because he's going back for his doctorate) and I'm trying to figure out if the university is going to make me a real employee or not so I can get my tuition benefit and take classes myself.  (The grant we got pays for my benefits, yet because of the layoff drama, they've been dragging their feet on making me bonafide.) I might go back for a doctorate, I don't know.  I figure I need something else to do, feh.


CP said...

Awesome dress! The Weight Watchers thing never made sense to me- I never got how the points worked and what happens if you lose track of your points during the day? I suck at counting!

Gillian said...

Speaking of hawtness - you look great in that dress!

And I feel you on the weight struggle. You are not the only one gaining weight in a sea of skinnies . . . Ten pounds heavier than I've ever been in my life, everything's too tight and unflattering, ugh. I'm also tired of it. Weight Watchers, here I go!

Laurie said...

You. Me. In skin-tight leotards at adult ballet. Hows that for motivation?? lol :)

Shan said...

You look great! I have really been struggling with weight loss lately, especially with all the baby-making attempts. I keep thinking "Rapid weight loss contributes to infertility" and then I get all depressed about being extra fat while pregnant (I'm concerned about health, not looking fat while pregnant).

I did PP for a few months this year and I like it, mostly because I love love love the apps on my phone for it. Barcode scanner? Easy shopping. Points Tracker? I can go out and eat fast food and know what to order. EASY!

That said, a lot of people from the old system hate the new one and I didn't start until the new one began so I don't know what I am missing.

Keep it up, but you look awesome!

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