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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MILP Roundup #257

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Monday, June 4, 2012

The upcoming busy

Work has been pretty busy.  I'm full-time now, and we are just trotting along with lots of initiatives, as well as with many ongoing cases, getting new referrals every day.  Word is getting around about us, and people like us.  Hopefully that will be enough to keep the hospital from cutting us, since there have been massive budget cuts.  Ugh.  I'm rather allergic to lay-offs, they give me hives.  Also, I don't know if I'd even qualify for unemployment, considering I'm still a "temp" employee (with all the budget crap and the hiring freezes and whatnot, I haven't even been made a real employee, even though the grant we received had money written into it to pay my benefits, money that is currently being wasted since it isn't being used... so making me a real employee costs them absolutely nothing).  So, I really hate not knowing if my head's on the chopping block or not.  They fired nurses today.  Nurses!  Holy hell.

So, other than the lingering possibility of job doom, things are going very well.  We have two law student interns this summer who are fabulous.  Our externship in the spring semester went pretty well, although it was considerably more work than I had initially anticipated.  But now that we've set the groundwork, I think we'll be set from here on out.  We're working on lots of advocacy efforts, and I'm drafting some surveys to be used in research, for which we're applying for some grant money, and the research will be used to write papers.  Our first paper didn't get published, which sucks, but oh well.  But I'd really like to get properly published.  Like, notes in law journal's fun and all, but I want my name on some real academic research.  In a damn medical journal.  How cool would that be?  I'm also working on some stuff that I would like to get published in a law journal, but I haven't been terribly motivated to get it done.  I've had terrible writer's block lately, as evidenced by my lack of blogging. 

Anyway, overall, I feel really good about my job, and about the direction my career is taking.  I'm still often sad to not be in court, but most days I'm kinda grateful I'm not there.  For instance, I don't dress up for work.  I usually wear khakis and Chucks.  I wore a suit today, because I was supposed to have a meeting with the financial higher ups about working on these medicaid cases, and I was totally bitter when they canceled the meeting, because I'd worn a suit for no reason.  (At least I'd worn flip-flops and just brought my heels with me.)  And I seem to be having more public speaking time than I would as a trial lawyer anyway, with presentations and panels and administrative hearings, so I'm not really missing out on it that much.  Also, we had a client we referred to a volunteer attorney today who has a hearing in front of a judge who was previously not very nice to me, so I definitely was glad to not be going to court on that.  (I'm very sensitive.  Really.  I totally left the courtroom in tears the last time I was before that judge, the hearing was that horrible.) 

I guess the only thing I worry about is that I'm missing out on years of litigation experience that my colleagues are getting, and that returning to a law firm will be incredibly difficult if I ever have to, or want to, do so.  While I'm not sure I ever want to (I was just explaining the evils of the Billable Hour to my law clerk today), I hate to think I'm closing the door on it. 

So those are my daily highs and lows.  I think we're doing really great work, and I'm glad to be doing it.  I'm glad to go to work at 8:30/9:00 and leave at 5.  I even go in a little late on Thursdays, because Cora and I are taking violin lessons.  I have to pay for parking, a half mile away, and that kinda sucks.  But it's good exercise.  I don't have a direct boss constantly lording over me, I'm sort of on my own, which is nice.  I like the people in the clinic.  I wish there weren't children screaming bloody murder most of the day outside of my office, but what can you do when you work in a pediatrics clinic. 

Beyond work though, there's the home life.  The kids are awesome.  Cora is sassy as ever, and she has highs and lows herself in achievement.  For instance, this week, she has done stellar with violin.  She has kept good form, been on task in practicing and she's polishing two different pieces.  So proud of her.  She's getting so tall too.  She's over 40 inches, and she's just at the cusp of needing a 1/8 size violin, so I've ordered one now (she'll probably upgrade by Christmas to the larger size).  The low, however, is for the past week, she keeps getting out of bed at like 6 or 6:30 (sometimes earlier) and crawling into bed with me, and she is NOT a good bed companion.  Vee is a snuggly little bug in bed, although I can't even remember the last time Vee woke up in the middle of the night and ended up in my bed.  Cora, however, is a thrashing, brawling, feral demon creature who had better resign herself to never sharing a bed with anyone if she keeps that up in adulthood.  I'm not exaggerating.  I'm surprised I don't have a black eye; I have several bruises.  I may have to start locking my bedroom door.  Other than that, she's a great kid.  Still talks too much.  Never met a stranger, although she keeps talking about these ellusive "strangers" as one talks about unicorns.  She has no concept of personal space.  Strangers (or "new instant friends") probably aren't big fans of that.  Her favorite book is Alice in Wonderland, her favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty, her favorite TV show is Dora, and she wants to be "an archer" when she grows up.  She's still working on swimming on her own (more classes to come), and she likes to cook, and loves ballet.  She likes having her nails done, and likes pretty shoes.  She prefers pretty skirts and dresses to pants and shorts.  She thinks every outfit should include a tiara as an accessory.  She's the ultimate girly-girl.  She's growing up too fast.  In August, I have to submit the lottery application for the Spanish immersion program, because she'll start kindergarten next fall.

Vee is crawling all over the place, which is fun, and troublesome.  She's trying to pull herself up, at all costs.  She took a wooden kid's chair in the face yesterday when she tipped it over trying to pull up.  This made her rather unhappy.  She thinks the dog's water bowl is her personal wading pool.  She loves to have a binky (Cora never had anything to do with them) but she's not obsessed with it, so I think it'll be okay to remove it when it's time.  For now it's cute.  She has four teeth and is working on more.  She laughs with great enthusiasm, but is often surly and serious.  She looks like her daddy.  She's surly like her daddy, too.  The dog is now her favorite parent, which is troublesome.  She barks back at our friends' wiener dog, which is entertaining, but kind of disturbing.  She chomps down on solid foods pretty well.  She loves the pool and doesn't seem to mind her face or head being wet, a big difference from Cora.  Another big difference is she never fusses when I trim her nails, instead just watches me carefully (Cora always howled like she was being murdered, until the first time I painted her nails, then she was like, ohhhhhh).  She loves music, and she pays very close attention when Cora or I are playing violin, just sits still and watches.  I suspect I'll be buying a 1/32 size violin for her in about a year.  She has massive baby thighs.  She eats a lot, and she's addicted to those baby puffs.  She enjoys wearing a hat, I suspect it makes her feel pretty.  If she's wearing it in her car seat, she pulls it over her face to nap.

Husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary yesterday.  We went to a local winery/bistro, that is fabulous.  He starts his summer stats class this week, and his doctorate coursework in the fall.  He's going to be an undergraduate clinical instructor for the nursing school as well.  That'll pay a portion of his tuition, so that's nice.  He'll have student loans for the first time.  I have a gazillion dollars in student loans, so join the club.  We're trying to figure out what to do with our money, with our house, etc.

So, that's that.  Not glamorous, not exciting, it's just ordinary stuff.  Some aspects could be better, but most of it is within my power to change, and I just need to get motivated to make the necessary changes.  Like going to the gym in the morning before work.  Ugh.  Maybe next week after the bar convention.