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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blog? What blog?

Yeah, I know.  Worst blogger ever. 

I'm not sure what the deal is with me.  I actually have more free time these days, but I seem to not have the inspiration to blog.  Or write anything creative whatsoever.  Which is frustrating, but oh well.

Anyway, stuff going on... Working full time.  Winding down private practice and farming out clients.  Stressing out considerably less.  Being on vacation!

Worshipping the Mouse, eating a lot of sugar, and staying up waaaaay past bedtime. 

Going all Katniss.  Oh wait.  Actually, now it's Merida, the new Disney princess (the anti-romance Scottish archer... I approve!  This isn't her, obviously.  That's just some dude in a kilt.) 

Cora in the Princess Procession with Sleeping Beauty (her favorite princess), at the Princess Storybook lunch at Epcot (in Norway).
Cora showing off her Rapunzel necklace to Rapunzel 

Cora and Tiana

With Stitch at the Ohana breakfast at the Polynesian resort

With great reluctance (mine), we left Vee at home with Grandma for the week.  I wanted to take her, and we fully planned to take her, but I was convinced a few days before the trip that taking her would be a nightmare, mostly because I was spending two days at Disney alone with Cora, while Husband was at his nursing conference.  Strollers only get you to certain points at Disney.  They have to be folded up on the buses, and you have to park them before you even get in line for the rides.  Waiting for 30 minutes in line, holding a wiggling 9-month-old in 90 degree heat, did not appeal to me.  It sucked, but it was for the best.  And because Cora is such a trooper, we were able to go way late.  We were at Sea World from 7pm until 11:30pm on Wednesday (special park opening just for the nursing conference), Magic Kingdom was open til midnight on Thursday, and Cora was up for it all.

I think we convinced Husband that Disney is fun, and we'll take subsequent trips.  On Thursday, we met up with our friends who were also in Orlando at the same time, and whose daughter is Cora's good friend (they're the same age).  So, it was fun having both girls there.  Also fun to have them watch Cora while we went to dinner at the California Grill, and we watched their daughter while they had a later dinner.  Ha.  Escaping children is fun!

So is returning to children.  Vee was kind enough to save crawling for our return home.  We got back late Friday, and she became mobile on Monday.  The world is no longer safe, the baby is on the loose.  The baby also enjoys the pool.

Water badger

So, that's pretty much it.  I had a field trip this week to the Sixth Circuit to watch oral arguments in a case we have interest in.  The state bar convention is next week, so that's a big deal for us, and I have to go to Louisville for it.  I'm crashing with a law school classmate who just bought a ridiculously awesome house.  And Sunday is our six-year wedding anniversary.  That also means it's been six years since I went to law school.  Ugh.

Anyway, I have my first violin lesson in the morning, so I should get to bed.  I'll update again soon, in like a couple months or whatever.


Tree Hugging (Almost) Attorney said...

Baby Vee is AH-DOR-ABLE.

Just make sure you update the blogosphere before she starts school. :)

PT LawMom said...

Haha, have you met me? I take the prize. :)

Jackie O'Brien said...

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