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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Lots went on this past week/weekend.

Working backwards... First, CATS ARE GOING TO THE FINAL FOUR! Haha, and for in-state rivalry, against Louisville, against our former coach. (Suck it, Pitino!) Friends of mine are going to New Orleans for the game. So unfair. I'll be stuck here. Boo. But if we win, I'll go downtown to set some cars on fire with everyone else. Just saw news footage from my old neighborhood in south campus where they set a couch on fire. Awesome. And not to be sexist and only give props to the men's team, our Lady Cats are headed to the Elite Eight.

Today, we went to a friend's house for an Easter egg hunt and brunch. Pretty little girls in pretty little dresses hunting for eggs. Too cute. Vee was able to chow down on some plastic eggs that her big sister very thoughtfully retrieved for her, so she had a good time as well. (If you're my Facebook friend, you'll see pics of Vee in her Easter dress on my wall.)

Saturday, I pretty much slept most of the day and did absolutely nothing, because I was incredibly lazy. A really exhausting week!

Mostly my own fault. I crazily went to one of the midnight showings of The Hunger Games on Thursday night, with two friends. All 16 screens were sold out at our closest theatre, and was totally packed. It was not nearly as many teenagers as I thought. Most were college kids (most working peoples aren't crazy enough to go to a midnight movie on a Thursday, except me), and there was a significant number of dudes there, like, not there with girlfriends, but with groups of dudes. Even included two of my male law school classmates, ha! (One's unemployed, and the other was calling in.) But it was well worth it. Even being totally exhausted Friday, having to not only work, but also give a presentation to law students on cultural considerations in client representation. It needs to be refined a bit, particularly my slides, but I think it went pretty well. One for the ol' CV. (My masters degree again more useful than my JD.)

Anyway, I went to see The Hunger Games again on Friday night, with Husband, his BFF, and one of my best law school chums. Then I ran into two other law school friends, who sat with us. Strangely enough, I had gotten there early to save seats for everyone, and turns out, we were sitting next to people our friend knew. (Apparently the demographic was actually more people over 25 than under 25.) One very strange thing though, I think some people who went to see the movie rather missed the point. (SPOILER!) At the point that Cato falls off the cornucopia, and is torn apart by the mutts, people in the audience started clapping! And this is after Cato delivers a desperate soliloquy about being what the Capitol has made him, etc. Like, um, you folks might be the ones actually enjoying watching a reality TV show where children fight to the death, because that's supposed to be a tragic moment, not a celebratory one, even if has been trying to kill the protagonist. As Haymitch says in Catching Fire, remember who the enemy is. Yikes.

Anyway, if you're a huge fan of the books, seeing it a second time is worth it, because then you get over the initial "ugh, they left that part out!" that you inevitably do when they make a movie out of a book you really love. Anyway, it was very well done, as good as it could possibly get. There is no way to make it perfect. The book is so much introspective narrative, which is supposed to be in contrast to the heroine's actions, it would be impossible to make the movie exactly like the book. And the movie is already 2 1/2 hours long, stuff had to be left out, unfortunately. Overall though, the movie is great, and (again, Kentucky pride), the two lead actors are Kentuckians, who completely nail their roles.

And in less awesome Kentucky goings on, I took a trip to West Liberty this week to pay a visit to the jail there. Pictures do not do it justice as to how bad it looks there. It looks like a war zone, like bombs went off inside of the buildings, it's terrible. There's still a curfew after dark, and cell service is crap, since towers went down. But there's a lot of folks there working, and the weather's been nice, so hopefully things will start looking up for all those people who've lost their homes and businesses.

As for this week, Vee starts daycare in the morning. She's going to Cora's old school. It's horribly expensive, but we're still waitlisted at the new place, and I need to start working full time sooner rather than later. So, here we go. It's a relief she's going, that way I can start getting stuff done. But I'm kind of sad at the same time. I'll miss our morning snuggles after Cora goes to school. Usually Vee wakes up, takes a bottle and on my days at home, then snuggles back to sleep with me and sleeps a couple more hours. That's nice. But she's just so active now. She wants constant attention and stuff to do, and that doesn't mesh well with working at home. She'll have much more fun at daycare though. The few times she's gone to the gym daycare, she thoroughly enjoys chewing on their stuff. She's trying so hard to crawl, but fortunately hasn't figured it out yet. Baby-proofing seems daunting, just not ready for it! But it will be happening sooner rather than later.

As for me, I need to start running again, which I haven't done in about 2 years. I'm training for a 5K in June. A ZOMBIE 5K and obstacle course. Hell yeah. We're gonna do the one in Indy. It shall be epic.

So, that's what's going on. More fun to come!

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Dinei said...

OH my god! The Zombie 5k!!! I was just geeking out about that this afternoon. Luckily I have until July to be less of a hot mess, because I really want to run and it's going to take some serious work to get all my parts to cooperate. So awesome!