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Monday, March 12, 2012

MILP Roundup #243

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup is hosted on a rotating basis at the Butterflyfish, Ptlawmom, Attorney Work Product, Attorney at Large, Today & Tomorrow, Magic Cookie, and Reluctant Grownup blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday. Next week, Kate Sherwood's got it, over at Today & Tomorrow.

It is March. And there is Madness. And I'm still bitter that we didn't win the SEC tournament, but I guess Vandy gets to win one every 50 years or so, and we've won the past two years, and 27 total. And we got our wake-up call for the NCAA tournament, which we probably needed after an undefeated season. Plus, Duke lost, and that always helps my morale. But still, it was not a happy day here in the Bluegrass.

Anyway, let's do this:

Speaking of the SEC, Lag Liv now works for them. Well, the other SEC.

But I Do Have a Law Degree has a little boy with a new 'do just in time for Spring.

Butterflyfish and the Irish Twins.

CP has impending baby invasion.

LEO has a hungry baby.

CM on choosing our career directions, instead of all or nothing.

Googiebaba on the origins of bullying.

Kate Sherwood serves the justice.

LC is on a much-needed Spring Break.

EH had a happy birthday and her thoughtful husband bought her exactly what she wanted.

-R- has a photo challenge.

RG has returned from Rio! (Back to NOLA, where I wanted to be. Sigh.)

Ruby Falls is vacationing and putting out some tough love.

Dinei is out of time.

Frenchie Flip has a cease fire.

Izzie is at home.

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