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Monday, January 30, 2012

MILP Roundup #237

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup** is hosted on a rotating basis at the Attorney Work Product, Attorney at Large and Butterflyfish blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday. We have added some new blood, and next week, Kate Sherwood will host it.

First, hoping LC's mom gets better and goes home!

-R- has MILP porn (and other randomness).

EH rewrites history: Pea, the Warrior Princess, leads the Celts and defeats the Roman Empire.

CP has family photos.

Izzie's birth plan includes postpartem margarita machines.

Dinei has fish noises instead of bar study. (Much more awesome.)

Kate Sherwood is financial planning.

SuzieJD takes on a new role -- driving instructor.

LL has snowbunnies.

RG describes why men's lifespans are significantly lower than women's.

LEO on family planning.

But I Do Have a Law Degree lunches with the ladies of the blogosphere.

Momttorney has moments.

Cowgirl in the City finds perspective.

Butterflyfish on the more somber subject of checking out.

Also, collecting some perspectives on joining this honorable profession... Ruby Falls started a set of excellent posts on Should You Go to Law School (here and here). We've continued that series in the MILP-iverse, with Dinei, Butterflyfish, LEO, RG, and CM. (Did I miss any? Let me know!)

***If you would like to have your blog added to the MILP blogroll for weekly review or would like them to consider a specific post, drop the hostess(es) an email or leave a comment at their respective sites.


Butterflyfish said...

I'm going to put the links to all the "so you're thinking of law school" on the (sort of defunct) wish i would have known site.

CM said...

I did a law school post too.

Proto Attorney said...

Added! Thanks!!!