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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

MILP Roundup #234 -- Highlights of 2011

(If you hadn't noticed, we managed a bit of a hiatus on the roundups.)

First, an announcement. If you are a regular blogger in the MILP circle, and would like to help host the weekly roundup (and put in at least the bare minimum effort I've managed all this time... you can't get much lazier than me), please let me (or Butterflyfish or EH know). It's time for some new blood! (Some of us old blood need a break.)

As we have entered a new year (2012, if you haven't been paying attention), this roundup is dedicated to the retrospective, and introspective, of 2011, and wishes for the future.

Starting with...

RG and SuzieJD summarize the year.

CP reflects on four years, instead of just one.

Kate, Izzie and CM look back on achievements and forward to new goals.

For EH, 2011 sucked considerably less.

LEO definitely had one of the best years ever.

Momttorney brings in 2012 with hopes for the new year.

Cristy thinks money for 2012.

LL is up for new adventures.

Googiebaba lets go.

LC has an anniversary.

-R- gives her man a birthday to remember: sushi and car murals.

Jenny has the best new year's resolution ever: Drink better beer. (She needs suggestions!)


Kate Sherwood said...

Hi! I sent you an email to the yahoo address listed above.

jennyt8675309 said...

I'm happy to help MILP! While I'm not exactly regular with my posts, I follow what everyone else is up to and would love to help if needed!

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