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Tuesday, August 30, 2011




(Stories of false labor, hillbillies, and the utter bullshit of pitocin-induced contractions without painkillers, soon to come.)

Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY Labor Inducement

Apparently, sitting around feeling sorry for oneself works wonders. I'm in the hospital, finally in a private room and away from the redneck brigade I spent hours laboring in the same room as, and will eventually be getting induced because the contractions stopped. Fun times. But within 24 hours, this creature will be out.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Had a doctor's appointment this morning, and was told I would not be popping any time soon. The baby is so far up, it clearly thinks its exit strategy is through my throat. I was so depressed, and my body hurt so bad (between the horrific back pain I've been having, the hip pain and now the vag pain after the doc got up close and personal with my lady parts), I just went home and went back to bed. Sigh.

Oh well. The doc could read my dismay and said it was normal to feel like you've gone far beyond full term when you go early the last pregnancy. While you logically know, hey, it's certainly a good thing this one isn't premature, you psychologically gauge your pregnancy as full term based on the length of the last one. My last one was only barely premature, at 36 weeks, so I'm just now feeling that "overdue" feeling, but she said it's really tough on the moms that went very early and never experienced that long third trimester stretch before, and all the fun that comes with it. (Like, oh, for instance, checking one's cervix for dilation. That shit hurts, WTF.) Makes sense. And of course the last pregnancy I spent so much time worrying that I would go very prematurely, and each week the baby stayed in was an accomplishment, not to mention worry about what the health would be like when the baby actually popped out, that I never got to the ohmygodgetitthefuckout stage of pregnancy.

But 37 weeks is plenty. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go google "DIY labor inducement."

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So much to do, and zero motivation to do it. You'd think I'd be in a rush to hurry up and get stuff done, considering I will be popping within a month's time. But no. No motivation.

I have a "to do" list for my cases, and just need to sit down and get that stuff done. That will probably be Monday's project. Go to the law library, knock everything out at once. Then get all my files organized and put away since they should be (mostly) dormant during the month of September.

This weekend I need to finish up baby laundry and get the nursery organized. There's crap everywhere. All the important stuff is there, though, so I'm not too worried. I also need to finish writing thank-you cards and mail them. The house needs to be cleaned: the floors cleaned and the bathroom cleaned. I can't wait to put away all of my maternity stuff and bring back out my real clothes. Domesticity -- I fail at it.

The Husband has promised me a day at the spa. I need things trimmed, waxed, colored, etc. I'm a hot mess. I think I'm going to start with a pedicure tomorrow afternoon and plan for a hair day on Saturday. There certainly seems to be a problem with my hair color. There is a considerable amount of it currently without pigmentation! I don't understand. Obviously, this problem needs to be corrected.

Not much else going on. Husband is taking Cora to the circus on Saturday. He's also taking her to her next violin lesson tomorrow morning, since I'll be out of town for a training in the morning, the last thing on my calendar for the month. Hopefully she'll do well without me there. Speaking of the circus, I seem to be the lion-taming parent. She will focus better for me than for Husband. When I was out for True Blood night Monday, he had to help her practice for violin. It apparently didn't go so well. He gets frustrated with her because she won't focus, and then she really won't focus, and it all goes down hill from there. The violin teacher said consistency is important for them, so hopefully me not being at the lesson won't be a problem.

Husband seems convinced to go ahead and rejoin the Y a few months after the baby is born, which I'll be happy about if for no other reason than I could pop over, put the baby in the daycare for two hours and go take a nap by the pool. I guess I could work out too. I need to start running again. I think I'll have to start from scratch due to my epic slothdom this pregnancy. Hopefully my hips go back to normal pretty quickly.

Not much else going on. Just organizing things at the clinic today, and waiting for our law student volunteer to come in so he can tell me what my voicemail says. Sigh. I really need to work on my Spanish.

Oh, there is one thing going on... big fat eye roll... my house pet is a glutton for punishment and had to go reconnect with "our ex-boyfriend." When we broke up a decade ago, they were roommates. Then they were no longer roommates when the Ex's parents demanded he move back in with them, because the Ex got busted for a DUI coming back from a bachelor party, and that was somehow his roommate's fault according to his parents (I'm sure it would have been my fault if we'd still been dating at the time... his parents hated me). (And don't even get me started about how he roped me into driving to bumfuck Ohio with him in the middle of the night to bail the idiot out of jail, so he could drive his vehicle back.) Anyway, after the Ex told him "they needed some space," they later rekindled their friendship, but the Ex eventually "broke up" with him, because he said they were too close and he wasn't able to be intimate with women as a result, and that he could never have contact with him again. (Because the Ex is a homo, that's why, and he can't come to terms with it. Seriously, who breaks up with their platonic friends because they're too close? WTF?) Anyway, when we had our party on July 4th, a friend mentioned that the Ex's dad had passed away last year. And that's sad and all, but yeah, we aren't friends. We haven't spoken in almost a decade. I don't think it'd be appropriate to send a Hallmark a year later even if his dad had actually been kind to me, (rather than thinking I was poor trash that wasn't good enough for his son.) But of course, Steven couldn't just leave it alone. He went and texted him and tried calling him, because he can't stand the idea of that wounded puppy out there. I'm like, don't go opening that can of worms, he'll just suck you back in to his emotional turmoil. And with his school schedule, he really doesn't need the drama. Fortunately, the Ex never responded... Until this week. And his response was something like, sorry I took so long to respond, I just needed more time to process before I could contact you. Again, WTF? (See why we refer to him as "our ex-boyfriend"?) So, of course, he's getting together with him. I'm like, do whatever you want to do, you clearly aren't going to take my advice and stay the hell away, but do not bring that crazy bipolar drama to my house. Ugh. I deal with enough crazy people at work, I don't want them at my house too.

So, that's pretty much it. Organization and avoiding other people's drama. Getting my hair did. Waiting to expel a human.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My day so far:

1. Got pretty much no sleep last night, thanks to multiple bathroom trips and the difficulties of rolling over in my sleep (during which hip and back pain would wake me up).

2. Realize when getting dressed that I have reached the point where real shoes simply do not fit. Not anywhere close. Chose flip-flops over sneakers. Have not had pedicure in so long, I can't even describe the fail. Hawt!

3. About to leave the house and can't find my keys. Spend 5 minutes frantically looking for keys only to realize the keys are in my purse, the first place I had looked.

4. Actually get to the courthouse on time, and still manage to miss my case being called. (Wasn't listening for it because I didn't realize we had a substitute judge and would actually be running on time). Awesome.

5. Since Mom in that case didn't make it to court on time either, Judge had issued a show cause summons. Recalled the case when Mom shows up 15 minutes later and withdrew the summons, but her attorney hasn't had a chance to talk to her, I haven't had a chance to talk to her, so we pass it again.

6. Waddle out of courtroom a total hot mess; it's horribly hot in the courtroom, even though it's reasonably cool outside. Cannot wear my suit jacket lest I pass out, which combined with the flip-flops makes me even more of a hot mess. Bailiff about has a stroke when he sees me groan and hold my stomach in discomfort while waddling out, because he thinks I'm in labor and he'll have to catch a baby.

7. While waiting to talk to Mom from the first case, another case of mine is called and, again, I don't hear it! (Is deafness a pregnancy symptom? Or maybe it's just pregnancy has made me stupid.) Embarrassed when bailiff has to shout at me to come to the courtroom. Waddle back into courtroom with everyone already up front. Ugh!

8. Manage to get through those two cases despite all of the fail. Have to ask for 60 day reviews instead of 30 day reviews on account of popping in the month of September. County attorney says he wouldn't dream of objecting to my request. Heh. (He doesn't want to catch a baby either.)

9. Bailiffs take pity on me and sit me in front of the fan they've brought in. I open a file and a paper not tacked down goes flying across the courtroom.

10. Realize my client for the 10:15 hasn't shown up yet and it's now 10:30. I call her and she thought it was set for 11:30. She hauls ass to court.

11. Apparently no one on the 10:15 docket managed to show up on time (that's probably because by 10:15, we're usually running at least an hour behind), and there's no one in the waiting room. We take a 15 minute break, and of course, my case with my missing client is the first one called.

12. Client comes rushing in just as we get before the Judge. Whew! She apologizes profusely. At this point, the Judge makes a comment that we clearly must run on a different time zone in this county, so at least my client isn't getting nailed for the screw-up. Our cabinet worker tried to set the 60 day review for September, causing the Judge to comment that we're also apparently on a different calendar there too. (I wasn't the only one having a fail day. There were even two other attorneys who didn't show up at all today. Ugh.)

13. Finish up the case and get the hell out of there before anything else goes wrong.

I mean, seriously, what a crappy morning. Fortunately, that was my last court appearance before birthin'. My next time in court, I hope to be wearing normal clothes and actual shoes. (And not failing so hard.)

Monday, August 22, 2011


Two of my law school classmates were kind enough to throw me a baby shower yesterday. I told them I didn't really need anything, but was happy to get some of the girls together and celebrate. So, a few of my law school gal pals were there, as well as a grad school pal, and another friend who hangs out with us regularly on our True Blood nights (who was smart enough to not go to law school).

I got lots of diapers in 1's and 2's, and some other baby necessities, like butt cream and baby shampoo. And some cute toys and clothes for the baby too. Also got a few items for Cora. A "big sister" t-shirt and a stuffed bunny that was wearing princess bling. (As well as a giant bunch of balloons.)

Of course, it's not a contest, but I can't think of a more winning baby gift than this:

Baby geek attire

Also, my friend is the hostess with the mostest. Can you believe she actually made this cake? I wouldn't know what to do with fondant if my life depended on it.

Except eat it.

So, totally awesome that my law school gal pals were kind enough to throw me a party. Lots of awesome food too. Which I'll be eating more of tonight, since it's True Blood night. Woot!

Also, speaking of vampires, we saw 'Fright Night,' last night, and it is awesome. (And not just because David Tennant is half-naked and wearing leather.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

MILP Roundup #217

EH has it. You want it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall semester

Fall semester has started on campus. Our semi-permanent house pet started his classes this week. Having him here is definitely nice, because (shhh! don't tell the Parking Nazis!) he's dropping me off at the Clinic in the mornings and then using my employee tag to park the car over where his classes are. Win! Although he's probably going to kill us both at some point by wrecking the car while trying to oogle some strapping young man jogging shirtless on campus. (I have to admit; is my favorite time of year on campus. Especially nice driving by the frat houses and seeing dozens of strapping young man washing their cars, shirtless. Oh, to be young and single again, ordering off the menu instead of watching that dinner tray pass on by...)

Anyway, speaking of being old, married and knocked up, my body is definitely not a fan of the walking around on campus these days. I don't really even have that far to walk. I park in a garage that is about half a block behind the pharmacy building, which I can go into and then take the pedway across to the clinic where my office is. It takes about 10 minutes of waddling. But the hips -- they do not like the exercise. By the time I get home in the evening, I just curl up with my giant vibrator back massager on my hips/ass and try not to cry. The disturbing pelvic popping is still occurring too. All kinds of wrong. And the other day, I totally had thankles. The swelling has since gone down, and I'm back to merely having cankles.

I'm either 36 weeks now, or 37. I was exactly 36 weeks when Cora was born (and other than the birthing during finals, that was perfect timing). I had a helluva week this week, but made it through. Ended the week with a good morning in court (you know you have a good case when, while you're explaining to the Judge the shit Respondant has done, that you hear gasps and murmurs from the peanut gallery that's in awe of such douchbaggery). Motion granted. Judge apparently didn't notice I was ginormously pregnant and tried to set the hearing for next month. Good to know I'm not quite as wide as the podium yet! Then had a business lunch that involved crepes and gelato, which was awesome. We're trying to woo one of the new docs to take over as medical director for our program, so our current director can phase herself out (as she's moving up the food chain and doesn't have much time anymore). She's a native Spanish-speaker too, so we really want her involved. (I told her she could help me not fail at Spanish and sound like a 3rd grader is practicing law.) We also landed a top of the class law student to volunteer for us. He also speaks Spanish, although he is not a native Speaker and is a bit rusty. But certainly he's got to be doing better than me!

Ended the day with a surprise visit from a client who proceeded to tell me I look like I am having triplets, and then ended the conversation complaining about how broke he is and pretty soon the damn foreigners will outnumber "the rest of us." (Yeah, not winning sympathy from me, buddy.) I pointed out that the "foreigners" already do, myself included. My grandparents came off the boat from Italy. My great-grandparents never learned English. My mother never learned Italian. I took enough Italian in college to make an ass of myself in Italy as a stupid American, and sing a handful of lullabies and the occasional aria. America -- it's the goddamn melting pot, and always has been since we stole it from the natives and killed most of them off. We've been bitching about the foreigners since we stole this land. If it isn't the Irish, or Italians, or Japanese, or Mexicans, it'll be somebody else. Maybe someday it'll be real aliens. "Damn outer space aliens, stealing all our jobs!" "Let's ship them damn space aliens back where they come from!" Driving While Green will become cause for a traffic stop. We're just not happy until we're blaming our problems on someone else. Anyway... you can't cure stupid.

In addition to a long week of practicing law and campus coming back to life, Cora started her fall semester of activities. She's back in ballet and she started violin lessons this week. Cora loves her ballet teacher, and has been really excited about ballet. I think it's making a difference in her physical fitness too.

She has been very enthusiastic about violin. Although she was pretty shy and quiet for her teacher, she followed all of her instructions. It's only been one day since her lesson and she's already gotten down all that she was supposed to practice this week, and she's very focused when she's doing it. She's very pleased with herself, and I'm pretty amazed. They really are like little sponges. I hope she continues to be enthusiastic about it and will enjoy it as I did. I really loved playing, and wish I could have continued to play. I'd never have been Itzhak Perlman or anything, but playing with the community orchestra would have been a lot of fun I think. I played for two years in elementary school and then when I started middle school, I eventually quit. The problem was, not surprisingly, The Cult. The violin lessons were acceptable because, in theory, I could go play the [boring ass] music [poorly] composed for The Cult up at Cult Headquarters someday. Oooh. Ahhhh. But then joining the orchestra in middle school required a lot of, gasp!, time with those "worldly" people outside of school. The parents had a cow. You mean, I would be required to go to an orchestra social event?! Yeah, that went over well. So, rather than deal with the conflict, I just quit and sold my violin a couple years later.

As an adult, I purchased another violin and started taking lessons again. I got pretty far. Again, not going to be Itzhak Perlman, but might could audition for the community orchestra someday. Then I quit again. I let life get in the way. Not to mention, the amount of typing I was doing for my job combined with practicing was causing me radiating pain up the tops of my hands into my arms.

I started playing again when I was in Eastern Kentucky, and actually looked for a violin teacher for awhile but didn't find one. That's what got Cora interested in playing. I'd let her play with mine, and last year for her birthday she asked for a "baby violin." So, that's what she got. I'm hoping her enthusiasm will rub off on me and I'll start practicing again myself. Should I ever have the extra cash, I'd love to take lessons again myself. Maybe someday!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A rather unproductive day full of client management more than work. Whew. Normally I take the attitude with my clients that hey, I've given you advice, if you won't take my advice and you screw up your case, it's on you (and I've got documentation to cover my ass for when your case blows up and you try to file a bar complaint against me because it's all my fault you didn't listen to me). Not today. Today has been Mean Lawyer Day, and I've had to lay the smack down with a few clients. NO. You will not screw up your case, you will do what I say, and you will like it. RAWR.

So, we went last week to look at the new daycare and whatever, it's fine. We both agree it's not as nice as the place Cora currently goes, and I think it's more of a daycare and less of a school, but it is $200/month cheaper. We talked about it and agreed she should go, but I didn't want to switch her until December. She'll be changing rooms at her school then anyway, from preschool to pre-K, and with all the changes going on currently, I just think she needs the stability at school. She's starting violin lessons, she's about to have a baby sister. It's just too much to change schools and leave her friends and her teachers right now. And it's not that I don't think Cora can't handle it, of course she can, but it won't be without behavioral issues during the transition, and *I* can't handle any behavioral issues right now. We're about to try to figure out how to incorporate a new baby into the house. I have to go back to work pretty much right away and be the primary caretaker of the new baby. Husband gets less than 2 weeks of paid time off of work, and his coworker has completely screwed him on the upcoming schedule, so he will pretty much be useless in helping out for 5 day stretches instead of 3. We have a semi-permanent house guest who is starting his first full time semester of classes. We all have to juggle child care of the new baby with all of these other responsibilities. So, the last thing we really need, *I* really need, is a preschooler who is acting out because *everything* in her life just changed at once. So yeah, December is good.

Anyway, Husband talked to the people at the school yesterday and they were pressuring him to put her in now, because there are spots open and they said they can't guarantee spots being open in December. Putting Cora in bumps us up on the wait list for the new baby (sibling priority). But we don't really need daycare for the new baby until late spring, and maybe not even then if I don't end up full time at the University. In the meantime, I'll just need the occasional pinch-hitter should I have an afternoon in court and the Husband works that night, and I have a few people lined up who should be able to help out. I just don't see the need to pay for child care when we don't really need it because I'm spending so much of my time working at home, or until the baby is old enough to give a crap where she is and what's going on around her. (Provided the kid isn't a holy terror. Cora was fine for getting work done. I did a significant amount of my law school work at home, holding the baby. And I can always stick a pissed off baby in the crib and close the door if I have to take a phone call.) But we started Cora in daycare at the point she had started to crawl, and that was a really good time, I think. It gave her time to get acclimated and then once in the toddler room, we could really see the difference in having that socialization. And it is very nice that she rarely gets sick anymore. That first year of daycare funk is rough! (Hopefully we still have some immunities built up!)

But, I thought we had decided that December was the time, and then suddenly the matter is up for discussion again. I'm like, I don't want to move her at all. But if we have to, I definitely don't want to move her right now. So, the Husband's in a huff and called them and told them we wouldn't be moving her in September, and is acting like a martyr because I got my way. Whatever. I think it's a compromise. If I got my way, we wouldn't be changing schools at all and we'd put the new baby in there next fall as well. Definitely not thrilled about it, but it's what we need to do.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pet Peeves

I just discovered a new pet peeve with my mother: she tells my kid what to say. That drives me effing crazy.

Cora spent the night with my mom on Friday night. Thursday was my mom's birthday (that she doesn't celebrate, because that would be sinful), so I figured I'd let her have her for the night when she asked. So, Friday night she calls to say goodnight. Well, there's my mother in the background "Tell Mommy that blah blah blah. Tell Mommy blah blah blah." And of course my child dutifully repeats it word for word. How obnoxious is that shit? I mean, she's almost four years old, she already talks way too much, she does not need help talking. Then the next day when she brought her back, she kept doing the same damn thing. I'm like, if you want her to talk about something in particular, you can prompt her to say it, you don't have to say it for her. Jesus. Like "Tell Mommy what you did today." Not "Tell Mommy what you did today, say, 'I want to the park, and I colored...'" Ugh, that's so annoying.

She also likes to make up stuff that I know Cora never said. Yesterday she tried to tell me that Cora had told her that Steven needs to go back to Grandma's house and Grandma needs to live with us. Oh haha, isn't that funny? Yeah, whatthefuckever. She can try to plant that idea all she wants to, but that is soooo not happening. Likely that statement started with "Hey, Cora, say that..." Well, the Cult spends all its time telling you exactly what you should think and say, so why should I expect anything less from my mother? Not that I'm worried too much about my sassy, opinionated child, but seriously, she is a child not a parrot. She can express herself just fine, she doesn't need a script.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Helluva day

Whew, what a long day.

I made it to the clinic this morning, ready for several appointments. One didn't show, which was fine since the second one came in early. That one ended with what I can only describe as Epic Fail. I am not a mental health professional. I, like, go to court and argue and stuff. And being a not-so-touchy-feely female on top of not being a mental health professional, I just can't handle people's emotional turmoil. Ugh. Awkward. Kudos to those of you out there who can and do. That ain't me.

What is me? Ball-busting. Oh my, am I about to bring the drama. I have a new custody and support case. My client is the baby mama. Baby daddy is a deadbeat that wants nothing to do with the kid and doesn't want to pay child support. Same shit, different day, right? So, I go through the full consult and get the paperwork started and all that... and finally I figure out that the deadbeat dad is a classmate of mine from graduate school. Ugh. Not to mention, his attorney is one of my classmates from law school, the second case I've obtained against a law school classmate in the past month. Needless to say, I'm not thrilled about any of this. Not thrilled about going up against another of my law school classmates, mostly because arguing with them reminds me of the suckdom of law school and tends to give me law school-related nightmares. (Although there is some satisfaction in kicking a law school classmate's ass in the real world.) Also not thrilled about going after one of my grad school classmates, in what is a very tight-knit program (unlike law school, where I hated pretty much everyone), and won't that make the next grad school reunion a bit awkward, heh. (Seriously, I'm probably about to get unfriended by a few people... but hey, I took advantage of my still-existing friendships to pull some photos that will be quite useful to the case. And who says Facebook isn't useful for attorneys?) But especially not thrilled that this classmate turned out to be a deadbeat. The facts of this one are pretty bad. Not that I knew him very well, but I can't like this guy anymore. Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt in conflicts, even personal ones. There's two sides to every story, yada yada. No, not in this. There's no excuse here. Finding out what assholes strangers are, is never a surprise. But finding out what assholes people I know are was not an aspect of the job I expected. It's a small community, I guess I should expect the skeletons to fall out on a frequent basis. But still. Disappointed.

Anyway, the rest of the day I managed a bunch of little fail. I forgot to turn in my timesheet and left the notes from a private client's case on my desk and had to go all the way back to the clinic. Didn't recognize my own kid from behind when I picked her up from school (in my defense, someone had french braided her hair... I have no idea how to do that). Went to dinner with the kid and the husband, and could barely eat anything because I'm too full of baby to eat hardly anything (I didn't even order an entree).

Came home and husband took the kid for a walk and made friends with our new neighbors. I think they moved in 4 months ago or so, but being a curmudgeonly hermit, I've yet to go take over a welcome basket. Husband says they're nice and seemed eager to make friends; they have a daughter about Cora's age, and a 3 month old daughter. So, I guess we have new friends. Meanwhile, I laid in bed and wondered if I was having contractions, because I was having really bad cramping that was taking my breath away. Then it stopped. Braxton Hicks or something I guess. I was relieved, but still, a little disappointed. I'm 35 weeks, but might be a week ahead of that even. The alien is over 5 pounds. It's getting evicted soon, I've had enough. Enough!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

MILP Roundup #215

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I get together with some law school classmates every Monday night to have dinner and watch whatever TV show we're currently watching. Right now it's True Blood. (And ohmygoodgod, is Alexander Skarsgard the most beautiful man on the planet. Yummy.)

Anyway, one of my friends told me tonight that a guy from her firm [where she is currently doing contract work] is the one who got the job I wanted. She said he had over 5 years experience in insurance defense. Ugh, figures. How can I compete with that? She thought it would make me feel better. I dunno. I guess it's nice to know that it wasn't just that they aren't into me, it's that there was someone much more qualified than me. But really, that doesn't make me feel better. It's almost like it's hopeless then. Short of going crawling back to the mid-size insurance defense firm that pushed me out during my maternity leave, I'm running low on law firm contacts. No one is hiring. And when they actually are, why would they hire me over some guy with 5 years of experience?

My other friend mentioned tonight that her firm plans to hire another associate next year... of course, her firm is over an hour away. She's been commuting and has an apartment in the other city, and if the job works out, they plan to put their house up for sale after the first of the year. I don't know if I can do the commuting thing again. If the job paid enough, we could always move to the state capitol, which would be halfway between cities, but still would be a pain to commute. And I don't really want to put kids in school there. (Or in most of the small towns around here.) I dunno. Something to consider if a position opens, I suppose. It isn't as though I wouldn't have been doing a ton of driving if I'd gotten the insurance defense job, and there are plenty of folks out there that do a much longer commute than a 1-hour drive.

Who knows. I suppose it's pointless to speculate now. We'll find out if we get the grant money sometime in December or January and then I could be a full time employee at the University for five years. In that time, I would probably go back to get some sort of additional degree (since the University would pay for it). Maybe in health administration or something.

And of course, because I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm sending my resume to yet another insurance defense firm that probably won't hire me, but again, will probably give me an interview because I'm just so damn fascinating. They do some med mal too, and hey, I'm all over the med mal. But they want someone with more experience than I actually have. That's the thing, I think. My resume reflects 11 years in the legal profession, most of which was spent in insurance defense. But I've only practiced for 2 years, and thanks to the last year of solo practice, is heavy in family law. While I now have a ton of courtroom experience, it's with family court judges and district court judges. My deposition-taking skills are probably non-existent at this point, and I haven't been to trial in over a year. At this point, I don't know what firm would want me over a new grad who they can pay cheaply and work to death, or an associate with 5 years of experience who they pay a little more and can greatly rely upon. Ugh.

Monday, August 1, 2011

MILP Roundup #214

Is at PT-Lawmom. Here next time.


1. 32 weeks pregnant. Although I'm still holding out hope that I will not still be pregnant at 40 weeks, my OB says there's no reason to believe I will go early like I did last time. She also said that the more pregnancies you go through, the worse the hip pain gets, because, well, shit just don't go back to normal after you pass a human. Sigh. This is why labor doesn't seem so bad after a certain point and the human race continues; by the time you get full term, you don't give a shit if the kid comes out your nose, you just want it the fuck out.

2. I had some sinus funk over the weekend, and spent all day Saturday in bed miserable, unable to take anything that would actually make me feel better. What a crap way to spend the weekend. Especially since Husband is working the next three nights and will be out of town from Wednesday until Sunday for his annual geek orgy.

3. The housing situation seems to have fallen through for our extended house guest, and he no longer will be moving out in August. (The roommate that was supposed to move out from my friend's house has decided he isn't moving out in August, but maybe in September, he just doesn't know yet, yada yada... so there's no longer a definite opening.) He's trying to find something else, but it's going to be super expensive to get a place on his own, and I don't think he'll be able to afford it. In the meantime, he's about to start his first full semester of college to try to get into nursing school, and he'll be sharing a house with a grumpy nightshifter who has been displaced from his Man Cave downstairs, a chatterbox preschooler and squalling newborn. And even if he still gets to move in with my friend, he'll be moving in the middle of midterms, probably.

AND my mother had the nerve to bitch tonight, after spending the past three days at her annual cult brainwashing convention (where she had to get a hotel room and eat out for every meal) about how she's broke and only has a few dollars until pay day and just doesn't know what she'll do. Without missing a beat, I just looked at her and said, "Huh, well, it's a shame you don't have a roommate to help you out."

None of my clients paid me in July, my malpractice insurance and my car insurance premium came due, my bar dues are due in a few weeks, I'm about to go on an unpaid maternity leave, and our utility bills were higher last month because we added another person to our household because her fucking cult decided she needed to violate the law and kick him out without notice. So, yeah, my budget is tapped for the next two months. She can go ask her cult friends to feed her until pay day. And when they won't help her out, she can go eat at a soup kitchen run by people in religions that actually give a shit. Fuck all that noise. I'm getting really sick of it.

4. Along the lines of "I fear change," Husband wants to utilize the child care offered at his hospital, which is significantly cheaper than where we currently go. I'm not super excited about it. Cora has done really well where she is, and we really like them. They have never been just a daycare, they're a school. (I know the difference; the place she went to for two days a week in Eastern Kentucky was a daycare.) The TV was on when I dropped her off in the morning, and the TV was on when I picked her back up. They don't have TV's at her school here. They have an actual curriculum. They are teaching her to read and write. They potty trained her. Her teacher in the 2 year old room cried when they moved her to preschool. She has friends there that she's been with since she was a baby, and she's about to move to the Pre-K classroom. But we pay $165/week. And the hospital daycare is $115/week. Considering that we're starting violin lessons ($85/month) and continuing ballet class ($55/month), we could use a tuition break. So, we're at least checking it out. At the very least, we'll probably see about putting the new baby there. $128/week for full time, as opposed to $200+ a week at our current place. Apparently, it's where all the doctors' wives take their kids, so it can't be that bad if rich people are using it. I just hate to think about Cora leaving her school. But she doesn't start kindergarten until fall of 2013, so that's a long time to pay high tuition. I dunno. If the place doesn't impress me, I'll probably fight it. We chose our current place even though it was more expensive than other daycares, because the other places we looked at were... well... like the place in Eastern Kentucky. Considering I'm not working very much these days and most of it is at home, I can turn the TV on at home and ignore my kid for 8 hours a day; I don't need to pay someone else to do it.

5. Home stretch. Trying to get my cases wrapped up and things settled before I pop. I signed a couple new clients, so I rather envision something like going to court and having a hearing the day after I get released from the hospital or some insanity. Oh well. The joys of solo practice. However, I am working on a new pro bono case as a favor for a friend, that has been quite the change of pace from the rest of my miserable case load of epic crazy. Interesting legal issues, and I really think I came up with a great angle that is going to save what I initially thought was a pretty bad case, and I think it is going to make opposing counsel poop himself when he reads my demand letter; I'm certain he is unaware of my little smoking gun. The funny thing about the case is that I didn't see the angle until the client finally gave me all of the papers, and I realized that I was not understanding the depth of what the client was telling me. We'll see how it all shakes out. Once it's over, I'll ask permission to write about the case, because it really is interesting. It's nice to have a breather from the drama of the rest of my practice. Reminds me yet again that I belong in general civil litigation, and far far away from family law. Recently a very well-respected family law attorney left his practice, left the firm and started doing something else, like foreclosure or something. All I could ask is "which client was the last straw?" And wonder, which client will be mine?