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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From Business Trip to Vacation to Failcation

Last Wednesday, Husband and I dropped Cora off at daycare and hit the road for Baltimore. I attended the MLP conference, and Husband tagged along for a bit of R&R and sight-seeing in DC.

The conference was pretty good. It would appear we have it together a lot more than I thought we did, because a lot of the sessions were very basic in nature, and I was a bit surprised that some of the programs out there that have existed longer than ours was not more advanced. However, ours was set up by members of existing programs, so that's certainly been a benefit to us. I did get the news during the conference that (it would appear) we will be receiving grant money next year that will fund my position full time. We were not awarded the grant money for this year, but the organization says they want to fund us and expect they will do so next year. Which rocks. Of course, it isn't for certain yet, and we won't know for sure until this fall. But it would be totally awesome, and would make me a real employee of the university, with real benefits and stuff. Also, I would get tuition benefits! (Yay for a free PhD in underwater basket weaving!) The grant money would last for five years. And the best part is I could stay the hell out of family court! Woo hoo!

So, that is definitely awesome. Baltimore was fun, I ate a lot of crab. Crab balls, crab cakes, crab legs, crab chowder. Crab everywhere. Husband took the train into DC and did some sight-seeing during the day. I insisted he go on without me, because I knew I was not going to be up for extensive activity over the weekend. My pelvis/back is KILLING ME. Stupid, stupid pregnancy crap. This didn't happen until later in my last pregnancy, and I thought the pain was so bad because I was on bed rest and couldn't exercise/do any prenatal yoga and such. Wrong! Nothing helps the pain, except laying down with a pillow between my legs and moaning. What a load of bullshit. Seriously, who decided primates should breed like this? Marsupials have it going on. In the next life, I want to be a koala. Or a man. Either one.

Anyway, I hobbled my way through DC, but in general just couldn't do a whole lot of walking. About two miles a day was my max. We stayed at the Phoenix Park Hotel on North Capitol, which is right across from Union Station. It was very nice. An especially nice perk was that the hotel staff let us know that the parking lot across the street (for some federal agency) is not patrolled on the weekends, so we got to park for free. (The hotel charges $40 a day for parking.) Awesome. The hotel was nice, European-style (i.e. small rooms), but a nice view and nice bathroom.

Our first evening there, Friday, we walked to the Hoover building so I could stare at it longingly (since it is currently closed for tours). I successfully refrained from going all fan girl on the agents leaving the building. Visiting the building renewed my resolve to get my fat ass to the gym after I'm finished incubating, so I can be a rock star and work there too. And solve mysteries like this one.

We then had dinner at an upscale sushi restaurant called Sei. It was awesome. I had this cucumber soda that was amazing (since I can't have sake), and, in honor of the Cherry Blossom festival, tried a piece of nigiri that was red snapper and had this cherry blossom infused foam on top of it. It was beautiful, elegant and delicious. Amazing sushi and the service was great (I figure the waiter probably has a law degree, which is why he was so well-spoken and knowledgeable). After dinner, we got gelato from a gelateria across the street. Yum! (We are in short supply of available gelato here in the bluegrass.)

Later, we drove to a sports bar to meet up with a friend from grad school/law school. Sadly couldn't get up with all of my grad school peeps, but it was pretty short notice (we honestly planned to just sight-see, not meet up with people, but then felt guilty as we're broadcasting our activities on Facebook and people are like WTF?! Let's get together!). Oh well. But, we got to watch the UK/OSU game at this place called Grevey's where each table has its own TV, so you can watch whatever game you like. There was a sea of blue, but there was also a group of VCU fans. We, of course, knocked out the Buckeyes in the Sweet Sixteen game, which was exciting and really awesome being out of town but surrounded by UK alumni. Then we stuck around and watched the end of the VCU game, since the VCU group was nice enough to watch the last two minutes of our game and cheer for us. Exciting stuff!

On Saturday, we slept in (ahhhhhh!) and had lunch at a french place across from Ford's Theatre called Bistro D'Oc. Pricy. We ate a lot of cheese. It was good. I really wanted some escargot, but I had not eaten anything yet that day, and figured buttery snail is probably not the first thing I should put into my stomach. Oh well. Then we went to the International Spy Museum (to compensate for not being able to tour the FBI). That was fun. (I don't want to be a spy though, I want to be a rock star federal agent who investigates stuff.) When we finished, we got more gelato!

We later went to dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant called Ethiopic. It was very tasty, although I have no clue what I actually ate other than "beef" and "lamb." And some spongy bread substance that didn't have much taste, but was more just an edible delivery vehicle for said meat. The serving of the food was also very interesting. I will have to do my research on Ethiopian food. We don't have a restaurant here, although I think we did briefly at one time, but it disappeared before I could try it. The closest thing we have is a West African restaurant (much different... same continent, wrong side). We're total foodies, so we like to try new things and generally when we vacation/sight-see, we focus a lot on the food.

We finished our trip with a "moonlight" trolley tour of DC, with stops at the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial/Vietnam Memorial, and Marine Corp Memorials. The tour was very good, I suspect our tour bus driver Bob has a few useless degrees of his own, as he was extremely knowledgeable about US military history. The only downside to the tour was the obnoxious kid sitting behind us. He was probably about 11, and an obnoxious twat who wouldn't shut the hell up. I probably wouldn't have been so annoyed if his father would have, at least once, told him to shut up. But he never did. And it made me want to slap both of them. Ugh.

On Sunday, we got an early start heading home. The UK/UNC game would start at 5, and we (meaning: I) wanted to get home in time for it. Unfortunately, this is the part where Failcation starts. About 20 miles east of Charleston, West Virginia, my fucking car explodes. Piece of shit, I hate that car. It only has 95,000 miles on it, which is low for a 2002 Toyota, and was supposedly mechanically sound, although the interior is falling apart and the paint job looks like shit. It makes me bitter, because my beloved 1999 Corolla (which was murdered last year by a deer) would never have done such a thing. The oil light came on and then suddenly the car sounds like it's going to explode. So we get off the interstate as quickly as possible, even though we're in the middle of Fucking Nowhere, West Virginia, in a hollow (pronounced "holler"). Check the oil, and there's plenty of it, which is bad bad news: dead oil pump. And from the sounds the car was making, dead engine too.

I call AAA, and they cannot figure out where the hell we are. We can't figure out where the hell we are. We're just lucky we have cell service (I will never complain about AT&T ever again, seriously.) With the help of a nice good ol' boy in a hunting jacket, and some chick who I scared half to death who was getting into her car, we figured out (sorta) where we were. Finally, an hour later, we manage to get a tow. The tow truck driver was very helpful, although weird as shit. He told us a long sordid story about how he used to be a truck driver and came home to find his wife shacking up with his dad. Anyway. He dropped my car off at a mechanic shop and gave us a lift to a Days Inn (all this is significantly closer to Charleston, fortunately). On the bright side, we got to watch UK beat UNC (and make it to the Final Four!!!) On the sucky side, we really wanted to be home and Cora was very upset to find out we wouldn't be home. She apparently had a rough time being away from us for so long. on the really sucky side, the next morning I talked to the mechanic who confirmed (after "tinkering" for two fucking hours) that it was the oil pump (no shit; the chick lawyer already google-diagnosed that one), and "figures" that the noise the car is making that the engine is shot. Figured that one too. He quoted me $2K to put in a "new" engine (used engine). He'd pay me $300 to take the piece of shit off my hands. (I thought about it, seriously. I fucking hate that car.) But after calling my regular mechanic and getting his opinion (I totally owe him some legal services, or a beer or something), who said that was a really good deal for putting in another engine, I decided to do it. If I can get another year out of the piece of shit, then maybe next summer, provided I am employed full time, I can buy a new car. One that isn't falling apart. One that smells pretty. One that's a hybrid. Oh, hybrid, how I covet thee...

We got a rental car and finally got the hell out of bumble fuck West Virginia. Tomorrow, I have to return to bumble fuck to drop off the rental and pick up my piece of shit with its working engine. If it explodes again on the way home, I'm setting it on fire, then pushing it off a cliff, and reporting it to my insurance company as "hooligans stole my car and wrecked it." Piece of shit, I hate it.

Anyway, long day tomorrow and I'm so behind on work, it isn't even funny. I have court on Thursday morning and some interrogatories to draft before a client meeting the same day. And I'm going to waste all of my time tomorrow driving back and forth to West Virginia. Blah. At least I got our tax refund today... which is going, at least in part, towards my piece of shit car.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lawyerly Advice

Here's my lawyerly advice to those of you out there who are not attorneys, but have friends or family members who are attorneys and want to ask law questions/discuss your legal issues, OR are new/young attorneys out there just encountering this phenomenon:

1. It might not be my job, but it's still my job. Asking a lawyer for advice, even if that lawyer is your brother or your best friend, is a lot different than asking for advice on, say, how to make my Word document turn into a .pdf, even if it's just as simple and takes just as long. Like, if my computer shuts down and eats my document because someone told me how to do it wrong, there likely won't be a lawsuit or a bar complaint. I'm ethically on the hook for any advice I give you, casual or not. So it's on me to make sure it's sound.

2. Don't pass it around. So, the other night my mother had some random questions about immigration law. She's "curious" because a friend's nephew is apparently wanting to marry a woman who is in the country illegally, and she and her old biddy friends wanted to gossip about it. Mom thought he'd be committing a crime by marrying her and told the group of old biddies as much. Then she asked me. I told her (in basic terms) about immigration law (as much as I actually know). Not intending to be advice for this couple, of course. Then Mom calls up her friend and blabs everything to her, oh, my daughter the lawyer said he should do X Y Z. And of course, knowing that she wouldn't have possibly gotten the X Y Z right (as she proceeded to tell me what she told her friend), I had to then send a FB message to her friend to be like "I have no idea what unsolicited second-hand advice Mom may have given you, but here's the name of the best immigration lawyer in town. Your nephew should go see him immediately." So, my bad in thinking we were just speaking in hypotheticals. Like, I don't have all the facts here, I can't advise them.

3. Don't think just because it's your best friend or your brother, it still won't cause problems. Sometimes the personal relationship is the very reason it causes problems. So, understand that your friend/family member may not be the best person to ask about your legal problems. You're setting up a business and have some questions about Articles of Organization? Cool. You need a Will or Power of Attorney or some other standard form drafted? Cool. You just got arrested and you have a whole sordid criminal history no one else knows about and you want me to keep that a secret? Not cool. (Recently got mixed up in that one. Not fun.) You are divorcing your husband, some guy I barely know, and you have some questions or even want some help? Cool. You are divorcing your husband, and he happens to be a friend of mine? Totally not cool. Know the difference between what is cool and not cool before you ask.

4. There's no such thing as "just a quick question." Respect that an attorney's entire job is giving advice/doing research/drafting documents, so think of it like you would asking a friend to fix your car who's an auto mechanic. It's them, doing their job, extra, on their own time, for you, for free. Even so, I don't have a problem giving out legal advice, even free advice. But I can't devote a significant amount of time to it. In other words, get to the point as quickly as possible!

For instance, and this has happened several times over just this past week, someone calls or leaves a message and wants me to call them back regarding some legal question they have. What then happens is I call them back, and I end up in an hour-long conversation with that someone about it, especially if that person is a friend or a family member. Blah blah blah blah. What could have been a five or ten minute email response just ate an hour of my day. Why call instead of email? Well, because it takes the person asking a lot less time and effort to call and ramble at me than it does to form specific questions and write out the facts I need in order to give an opinion. And that's great if I'm charging you .25 minimum per phone call (and that's a quarter hour, not a quarter of a dollar). If you're getting free legal advice, put the time into helping me out by not eating up my time. Especially if we're at the point that I would actually have to take notes during the conversation in order to keep the facts straight and give an opinion. Just send me an email or Facebook message. That way I can read it while I'm sitting in court for five hours waiting for my case to be called and answer you then. I just cannot call you back. If your story is going to be so long and complex that you can't even fathom writing it out, then you can tell me over dinner (you're buying).

Also, I know this is surprising as I am all-knowing, but I may not even have an answer (or shit, I might have the wrong answer). I may need to think about it. I might even be inclined to look it up. I did a massive brain-purge after the bar exam, and I reserve that space for things like sci-fi trivia and song lyrics. I do not, for instance, recall the order of intestate inheritance. I just don't. It's like kids, parents, then some other people. I don't know. When someone asks me, you know what I do? I google it. "KRS intestate succession." Then I read the statute. Then I immediately forget. Because I really just don't do any probate. I have better uses for those brain cells.

5. Cocktail conversation is fine. To a point. Lawyers are nerds, we like to talk shop. If you have truly hypothetical questions, or you were watching an episode of Law & Order and want to discuss search and seizure, let's do it. If you have a lively story about your crazy neighbor who keeps passing out naked in your bushes, or this asshole who rear-ended you and turns out his insurance was expired, I will probably offer to take legal action on your behalf and, hey, let's get together and chat about this later. However, if you are going to bring down the entire party by telling your sad-sack story involving your sister's neighbor who is being abused by her husband, and then got fired from her job, and then all kinds of other drama.... eh, if your sister's neighbor wants my help, here's my card, have her make an appointment. My retainer is quite reasonable.

I know some lawyers who refuse to give free legal advice, like won't even give free consultations to prospective clients, let alone friends and family. I like to be able to help people, (and it would be really nice to make friends with an auto mechanic and trade services!) But also understand that, just like anything, it takes time, and appreciate that, just like when your friend comes over to remove the virus you got on your computer from downloading all that porn, your lawyer friend took time out of his day to give you advice. Buy him a beer for his trouble!*

* The preggo requests beer rainchecks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Long Day

I had a hearing scheduled this morning in a surrounding county at 9:30. My case did not get called until after 2:30. Seriously. I was so hungry, I was about to eat a bailiff. I won't even get into the epic fail that is my client, first, because it's confidential, and second, because I think if I put it into words right now, it would make my head explode, and I have to wait until tomorrow to draft a letter to said client concerning today's review, because otherwise it will include expletive-filled sentences that will probably land me a bar complaint, so I will have to be more diplomatic in such conveyance of epic fail.

Yeah, I don't think I have anything positive to say today. I'm just in a seriously bad mood. That comes from sitting in the courtroom for the arraignments (because the Judge has decided she will only give appointments to attorneys sitting in her courtroom when she needs one), and not getting a new appointment today which, honestly, doesn't hurt my feelings after I waited FIVE FUCKING HOURS to have a 10-minute review. (The other parent's attorney in my case had to leave at 1pm, because he had to drive an hour home to relieve his nanny.) So, in addition to the fail that is my client, I got to sit there and watch all the other people who fail really hard. It's difficult to not hate humanity after that. Like, seriously, there needs to be birth control in the water, these people should not be allowed to breed. They shouldn't even be allowed to own goldfish.

So, when I left the courthouse after 3, and grabbed a quick lunch, I decided that before my 5pm hair appointment, I would go get a manicure. That was a good call. I opted against a pedicure though, because it's going to be too cold for open toed shoes in Baltimore/DC this weekend. Maybe I'll have to go back for one of those next week. It's been a good month for the Proto Attorney Law Office, maybe I can splurge a little. Oh well. The world may suck, but I have pretty nails. There is a little ray of sunshine after all.

Anyway, back to the grind. I've got work to finish up now that the kid is in bed, and need to get done before leaving on Wednesday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

MILP Roundup #195

The Weekly MILP (Moms In the Legal Profession) Roundup** is hosted on a rotating basis at the PT-LawMom, Attorney Work Product and Butterflyfish blogs and is usually posted no later than Monday. Next week, Butterflyfish will have it.

It's 71 and sunny here in the Bluegrass. And... we're on high pollen alert. Awesome. Welcome to Spring!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

First, the Tourney: Suck on it, West Virginia!!! On to the Sweet Sixteen!!!

Second, my father-in-law is visiting. That's fun, except he brought a Shit (properly called a Shih Tzu, but "Shit" describes it better). Said Shit escaped out the front door a little while ago, and effing bolted, requiring me to chase the little fucker three blocks at full speed, with me darting in front of cars to make sure they didn't flatten my mother-in-law's stupid little dog. My in-laws live in the country, and don't have their dogs tagged and collared either, ugh. Fortunately, one of my nice neighbors avoided hitting the stupid little dog with his car, pulled over, and chased her into another neighbor's car port and under a trailer. (If she'd made it any farther, she would definitely have been flattened on what is a very busy road.) Of course, then I couldn't get to her, and when I tried to reach her, she growled at me. But at least she was out of the damn road. So, I had to wait for my father-in-law to get there to retrieve the dog (he was at the store with Husband and Cora). After the excursion of my post-lunch sprint, which I would estimate is about a quarter mile, I managed to lose said lunch in the neighbor's yard, a lovely addition to their spring flowers. (Me and exercise are not mixing well this pregnancy. It just makes me nauseous.) And to top it all off, once we get back to the house, said Shit wants to then snuggle with me on the couch! I was like, oh HELLS no! Don't act like you know me! We are not friends! Seriously, I hate Shih Tzus. (My ex-boyfriend's sister had one, and every time it saw me, it got so excited it peed everywhere. I hated that damn dog.) For all my complaints about Bernie, at least she isn't stupid enough to bolt into traffic, and she has excellent bladder control. (She might need doggy Xanax when it storms, but oh well.)

I guess that's my positive thing of the day: I love our dog, even in spite of her annoying habits. She puts up with (a lot) of abuse from the kid, she growls only at strangers walking by the house and not at our guests, and she has never run away/peed on me. Also, I frequently find her in our bed with her butt on Husband's pillow, which amuses me greatly. And she's not a Shih Tzu.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Positive thing for the day: Sleeping until Noon.

That's right, I slept til noon. And it was fabulous. And yesterday? I slept until noon.

Since I'm logging more than 40 hours next week on the trip to Baltimore for the conference, I figure, why the crap am I going to spend 20 hours in the clinic this week? I'm not getting paid any extra. In fact, I'm footing the bill for gas and food to go to the conference. So, I earned some sleeping in. I still went to the clinic and worked on the cases I've got that needed some attention, but other than that, ptpppthhh. Earned time off!

Then we dropped Husband's car off for (yet another) trip to the mechanic, and went to lunch. He dropped me at the clinic and went grocery shopping while I finish some stuff up. Now just waiting for him to pick me up. Looking forward to hearing all about Cora's St. Patrick's Day party at school.

Tonight, I have work to get done that I've been putting off. I also plan on busting my butt on Sunday getting stuff done, since I've got two court appearances next week, then I'll be out for the conference. We're going to head into DC for a couple days after the conference. What sucks is that the FBI headquarters is still closed for tours! Sadness. I guess I'll just loiter outside of the building and gaze at it dreamily. Sigh.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Mother's Love

I'm not sure if anyone frequents Jezebel and saw this today. Eek. I don't yet have two kids, but I really hope I would never think it would be "not so bad" to lose one of them, so long as I didn't lose the other, even in my "darkest" moments. I don't know how it is to have two kids, and how exactly you love two kids "equally" but "differently." But, whew, I'm pretty confident I'll figure it out without all that noise. Damnation, sounds like ol' girl needs to get out of the house and away from the kiddies for awhile and get some perspective.

Honestly, I don't think I was treated particularly well by either of my parents as a kid, so maybe it's possible to not be the favorite child even when you're the only child. I dunno. I'm sure parents probably have more of a connection with one child, just as children usually have more of a connection with one parent. But even if I completely butt heads with the second kid (much like Husband does with Cora), I don't think that's about loving a child less, I think that's about the frustrations of parenthood and interacting with other human beings. You always love your family, just some days it takes restraint to not throttle them, some family members more than others. Oh well. Hopefully neither of my kids will be talking to their therapists some day about how I didn't love them enough.

Anyway, I love that my kid is a stubborn, sassy little bossy boots. Not to mention, I totally *get* her. Even when we're having a battle of the wills and she's being infuriating, I generally know how to deal with her, because... she is my mini me. Even when she's being irrational about something, I usually understand it and understand her, whereas she drives Husband completely nuts (as do I, apparently). I've always heard parents not getting along with their kids because they're too much like them. I don't really understand that. Sure, we'll have battles of the wills, but ultimately, I respect that. I want my kid to be strong-willed and independent, even when that means defying me. Because I was that kid, opinionated and willful, and I wanted to be respected for it instead of reprimanded for being my own person with my own mind. I only insist that my child be respectful and polite, and follow the rules that are not negotiable.

So, on to today's positive thing: my bossy little bunny and her musical talent. We've been lazy about the violin lately, but she really loves playing the thing. She's done very well in learning to respect the instrument, and even with right-handed bowing. Mostly though, she loves to sing. Okay, so she's still rather tone deaf. But she's improving greatly, she's even working on some vibrato. She loves to sing, she always has. Her two favorite songs are "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty and "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miz, and she knows all the words. She is obsessed with Disney Princesses, and she wants me to sing to her at night from Disney movies, which has forced me to learn new songs and strain to remember the old ones. (Thingamabobs? I've got 20.) We'll be working on a series of Italian Arias next...

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream...

Lenten stuff

During Ash Wednesday services, el Padre mentioned during his homily that we don't have to necessarily give up something, we can also *do* something positive, like develop good habits and whatnot. Since all I can really think to give up on a regular basis for the next 40 days is my dinner when it comes back up, I figured I'd give the "doing something positive" thing a try. Being a sarcastic snot of a person, and generally curmudgeonly and pissy, it'll be a challenge. So, positivity. That's me. Always chipper! (Ugh, I think I upchucked a little bit just typing that. Balls.)

Anyway, I thought instead of trying to completely reprogram my snarky, bitchy personality into someone, well... nice... I'd take baby steps and try publishing one nice, happy positive thing each day. I know, I'm a little behind. Lent started without me even figuring out what I was going to do until today.

So, happy thoughts.

Here we go.

Uh huh.





Oh, okay, here's one! I'm really proud of Cora's godfather for deciding to go back to school. He only finished one year of college, back 17 years ago when he graduated high school. He's gonna start this summer and work on becoming a murse. (Likely, the naughty kind. Heh.)

Of course, I'm very glad he is going to take his nurse's aid course first and get a hospital job, to make sure he really likes it before he jumps into something he might hate. (I'm pretty sure I would hate nursing. Being a curmudgeon, I hate people. Oops, that's the negativity slipping in.)

He chatted with a friend who's going to nursing school now where he's going to apply to get more details on the program, and he hung out at my house tonight and filled out his application and his FAFSA. He's going to start taking his prereqs over the summer.

So, hopefully in two years, he'll have earned one of these:

And a diploma too

So, that's my first positive thing for the Lenten season: I'm proud of my friend for going back to school and changing his life. And I'm proud of my other friends who are currently in school, doing the same, (one of which I had dinner with tonight.) Good for them for grabbing life by the balls and not just resigning themselves to the suckdom of their current careers. Making positive changes = awesome.

Whew, that was exhausting. Going to bed now!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Workin' it

I spent 12 hours on campus yesterday, in heels, I feel done for the week. There was much excitement: a conference call, a promotional photo shoot (that I was not supposed to be a part of, but then ended up in a picture -- my hair was a hot mess and I was not wearing "real" make-up), and finally, a board meeting with the MLP. I left the hospital at 7:30, in time to go eat the dinner my friends' saved for me. Exhaustion.

But I did get complimented for my work in crafting the law school externship. It's sad, but I really dig compliments and pats on the head these days. I swear, law school completely destroyed my extremely healthy self-esteem and turned me into this needy creature that craves acceptance. So, getting complimented was nice. And it looks like the externship will be a go. (Helps that one of the professors on the curriculum committee serves on our board.) But it will be pretty cool to get that going. It's not much money for the program, and it's more work for me, but the benefit to the program is that we'll have two students a semester to work for us for free. And I'll get to add a little blip onto my resume: adjunct law professor! Hahahaha, oh the hilarity of it all.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tornado drills, oh my

We had a state-wide tornado drill. It was retarded. Seriously, making grownups walk down a flight of stairs because a siren is going off is retarded. We were already behind on the docket in family court this morning, then we had to recess so we could walk down a flight of stairs and stand around with the smelly people packed into the hallway, and then finally my case was called. Therefore, I missed the meeting on campus with one of the law school deans about setting up an externship for the MLP. Not that it was a big deal for me to not be there. But I did draft the proposed syllabus, and I wanted to be there. Suck. Oh well.

Made the husband discuss finances with me. Again, it's still all, oh, let's cancel the cable, instead of like, hey, let's eat out one less night a month and not order three beers with dinner. Bah. But I think he realizes that, barring unexpected expenses, he should have the monthly expendable income to pick up my excess expenses for a few months after the baby is born. And that it's only fair, considering I'm the one growing a damn human.

Still bitter about that one. Wish I would have been born a lesbian. Then I could have married someone able to grow humans. Stupid men, not having uteruses. Useless.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

MILP #192

Is at Butterflyfish. PT-Lawmom has it next week. Then back here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


The worst part of losing my job last year was definitely going from being able to pay my bills to... not. I've had to put my government loans into deferment, which just means they're sitting there, racking up interest. I'm still paying on the Sallie Mae loans, and of course, I've got an absurd amount of credit card debt still to pay down.

Right now, I bring in just enough to pay my bills. I get just under $1400 a month from the Hospital, and then anywhere between $1000 and $1500 from my contract work and personal cases (before taxes). My monthly expenses come to about $1800 a month. That's paying all of our home utilities (gas, electric, water, cable and phones), as well as the Sallie Mae loans and credit cards. I usually pay my own car insurance and such, although Husband picked it up this past time.

Husband, on the other hand, pays our mortgage and Cora's daycare (about $1700). He usually picks up the expenses of food, although when he's working I pay for the food for Cora and I, and for my lunches. I also occasionally pick up dinner for him. He'll pay for other stuff too, and pays our health insurance. So, he probably pays around $2200 a month by the end of it. And that's fine, except he makes more than twice what I do.

So, it's been one of those issues bubbling under the surface for me, that whenever I suggest us budgeting our money (and it is *our* money), he balks. And whenever the conversation of childcare comes up, it seems to be me making the sacrifices, and him not having to pay anything. For instance, if we put the new baby in daycare, it will cost us about $800 a month for full time care. Part time care, unfortunately, doesn't cost much less. (About $600 /month). However, if I only work part time, and Husband watches the baby the two days I'm working, then we won't need daycare at all. But that means I will be losing about $1000 a month in income, for him to save $800. Which means that I can't make my credit card payments (credit cards that were only maxed out in the first place because I had to charge all of my stupid medical bills to them from the last pregnancy, and from me paying for Cora's daycare while I was in law school, which I had to charge to the credit card). The credit card payments are about $400 a month. So, I said, that's fine, I can just work part time, but you're going to have to make the monthly payments on the credit cards. He, of course, balked.

If I were smart, I would have had this shit settled, in writing, before ever conceiving. Because it's pissing me off. And let's be honest, if we joined our money and stuck with a budget, we could have the credit cards paid off and go back to making payments on the student loans. But, of course, that's all "my" debt, so why should he pay it, right?

So, yeah, I'm thinking I don't have a problem with the baby going to daycare full time right away, him paying for it, and me continuing to chip away at the credit card debt by keeping doing what I'm doing. I'm hoping to have it paid off by the end of 2012, that way I can start paying on my student loans again, even if I don't have a full time job by then.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Still chugging along. Still feelin' like crap. I had my first proper migraine headache in forever last week, equipped with visual floaties and everything. It sucked. It sucked even worse because all I can really take is Tylenol, and that doesn't even work for me for regular headaches. Oh well. Hopefully that won't be an ongoing thing. Migraines oddly enough aren't the most painful kinds of headaches for me, but the visual disturbances pretty much render me useless. Ugh.

This weekend was Husband's birthday. He got highly intoxicated, fell down a lot, danced around the house, then decided to do his usual "walking it off" by supposedly walking around the neighborhood, then took off and walked about a mile up the road to an all-night sandwich shop. I managed to stay up until 3:30 waiting for his dumb ass to wander back home, wondering if I'd have to go pick him up from the drunk tank. Fun fact about the Husband: he refuses to get into a car when he's very drunk. Like, not even as the passenger. The movement will make him sick. So he does dumb shit instead, like tries to walk home from the bar, even if it's like 8 miles away. It works, I guess. He felt fine the next day, better than those who were drinking with him. (One of my law school friends, in fact, projectile vomited in a restaurant while at lunch with her Granny the next day. Awesome.) Anyway, Husband's parents came into town for lunch, and he was up and moving before I was. We also went to the bookstore and the electronics store (to buy a new remote control since he somehow broke ours during his drunkenness.) Then I passed out when we got home and slept for like 4 hours while he hung out with the kid and made dinner. Sad that pregnancy is worse than a hangover.

Other fun times on Saturday was going to a 4 year old's birthday party. One of Cora's friends from preschool had her birthday at the bouncy place. Cora had a great time. I, in general, wanted to cut myself, as hoards of screaming children tends to bring out in me. Anyway, at one point, Cora climbed to the top of this one inflatable slide that she wouldn't go down by herself, and no one else was around, so I had to haul my old, fat ass through an inflatable obstacle course to go down the inflatable slide with her. Awesome. My kid is decidedly not brave or adventurous. Oh well. Neither was I, I guess. I was terrified of the diving board as a kid, I think Cora will be the same way. I'm more adventurous now, but just incredibly lazy. (For instance, rappelling off a cliff is awesome. Climbing back up the mountain to do it again? Not so much. Lazy.)

So, other than birthday parties and cleaning up after birthday parties, I spent the rest of the weekend getting caught up on the third series of Being Human (the UK version). Smokin' hawt Irish vampire guy? Hell yeah. Although a sci-fi geek, I've never been that into vampires, unless it's just good writing. Or there are really hot guys. Or both. (Obviously, I also love True Blood. Eric? Yum.) At some point, I'll completely out myself as the epic geek fangirl I am, but I'll just leave it at that for right now.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MILP Roundup #192

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