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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Small Accomplishments


When Cora was born, I was right in the middle of 2L fall finals, husband had finals for his first year of his MSN. We'd planned on getting everything "baby ready" a week later. But since she was a month early, we had absolutely nothing ready. We hadn't even finished painting her room. It wasn't until I lost my job and moved back to Lex, that I even cleared all of the crap out of Cora's closet (that was mostly my stuff) and her room truly became her own. And then earlier in the summer, when Husband and Cora went to Chicago without me, I took the opportunity to thoroughly clean the room and get things organized.

Since then, it's gotten a lot messier, and we've acquired more princess and Dora crap (including artwork that's been added to the walls), but Cora likes her room a lot

Fortunately for Violette, I only procrastinated a little while, and her room is completely hers. It isn't quite done yet, however. Husband has a couple tasks to complete for me (he needs to hang the curtain rod and a put up a few butterflies on the wall), then I need to finish clearing off a bookshelf that's downstairs that will go up in her room. Hopefully we'll get that done by next week. Overall, though, it's functional. We left the queen size bed in there because we don't have anywhere else to put it (I had bought it for the apartment in Ashland), and also, the crib will only stay in there about a year or two, and after that, she can have the queen size bed.

So, small victories. I also cleaned out my closet, got my entire wardrobe drycleaned and mended, and my maternity stuff is packed away. I just need to clean my desk again, because it's gotten piled up. (No surprise there.) And then we have to get the downstairs cleaned before December, because we have family coming in, including two of our nieces staying with us, who will run through the house like a tornado, so stuff really needs to be put away so things don't get scattered/lost/destroyed.

Other things I accomplished on maternity leave:

I finished all of the Sookie Stackhouse books. They're not nearly as good as the show, but it doesn't have nekked photos of Eric, so what can you do. Motivated by actually reading non-law stuff, we've been back doing book club (read The Help last month), and I'm re-reading my favorite crime noir, The Thin Man, and will be reading the rest of the Hammett collection as well.

I'm working on sewing part of my Halloween costume (ha, less complex than it sounds), and I'm crocheting a twin size blanket for Cora's bed, and will then work on one for Violette. I'm also spending a significant amount of time helping Cora practice violin, and trying to practice myself so I suck less. (So far, still sucking.)

Settled out a case. I pushed the other side to a better settlement after throwing a temper tantrum with opposing counsel about his bullshit counteroffer and how he sooo did not want to deal with me if I had to draft a complaint during my last week of maternity leave because he was dicking me around. Result was a good settlement for the client. Not the best we'd hoped for, but better than expected. Now we're bickering about the language in the release. Heh.

Although I still feel rather meh about my career at the moment, I did have a really good day in court on Friday. I was filling in for a friend who was on vacation, and I did some damn good lawyering for her client if I do say so myself. Opposing counsel is a guy who recently pissed me off (he wouldn't return my calls about working out a forcible detainer case, so I hauled my 8-month-pregnant fat ass to court at 8am in the middle of a thunderstorm, just to find out he was dismissing the case, which he'd known since the week before... asshole). So it was that much sweeter.

But overall, paid work has been drying up. No more contract work, and apparently the judge in the county in which I do dependency/neglect/abuse cases is only giving appointments to the local attorneys and is only appointing this one attorney as GAL in every case, which is total crap. Not that it was a significant amount of money or anything, but it was good experience. And I'll never get on the list in my county because there are too many damn lawyers in this town. So, I need to figure out something else to do with myself, and I'm really not motivated to figure it out right now. Too busy being a bum. I made one work phone call today, and sent one email. The rest of the day I snuggled on the couch with the baby and watched several hours of the Moonlight marathon on Syfy. Yeah, working sucks. Staying home with a baby is awesome.



But I Do Have a Law Degree said...

I am impressed - you are doing a lot for having an infant at home. A LOT! I feel like I didn't become a real person again (who could do real life things) for at least 4 months into that sleep deprivation infancy stage. So kudos to you! And love Cora's room. :)

Gillian said...

Our kids always had a double in the crib room, which was AMAZING for the night wakings. I could sleep in there, sometimes pull the baby in there with me, and wouldn't have to worry about squeezing him in between my husband and me. Also helped keep them from being afraid of the dark - if they cried, I wouldn't pick them up, but I would lay on my own bed in there with them so they could see they weren't alone. (Now Jack sleeps in the double. I still snuggle in with him sometimes!)

Vee is the cutest. Cora is also the cutest. This is impossible, according to the law of superlatives in grammar, but somehow it is also true. :)

Flaim said...

You know how to crocheted? YOu need to teach me! I only have basic knowledge. I can't do anything fancy pants.