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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Breastfeeding sucks (part 2)

Most awesomely, I managed to end up with mastitis thanks to a baby that has mutilated my nipple in her feeding frenzies, and after a horrible night Friday night, by myself, with a high fever that Tylenol wasn't touching, chills, feeling like I had the flu, and a boob that was absolutely on fire, I finally managed by late afternoon to get out of bed and drive myself to the UTC before they closed. Blubbered at the nurse about having not really slept in over 24 hours because my boob is on fire, in general being a total hot mess. I'm surprised they didn't try to give me any antipsychotic meds. Got an antibiotic and the script for Percocet filled that my OB had written me. Discovered I can't join the rest of the residents of my state in becoming a pill head, because I seem to have a mild allergy to oxycodone. (I start itching.) Oh well, the Benadryl helped me sleep last night, at least. I'm sure it helped Vee sleep too (although she was up at her regularly scheduled times for feeding).

And of course, part of the recommendation to treat mastitis is to pump more! Yeah... this sucks.


Dinei said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry. I had every boob issue available as well and it really sucks. So.. checklist. Lansinoh lanolin, hot/cold compresses, drugs, lecithin, more pumping/breastfeeding.

So, so sorry.

Gillian said...

I had mastitis once. Blerg. Pumping every hour and a half did help, plus the hot cold compresses Dinei recommends. No doubt it's crummy to feel crummy and still have to "perform" for your needy children. I feel you, hope it clears up quickly.

Melissa said...

I had that with my second baby not once but yes, three times. It sucked. After the third time, I promptly gave it all up.

keep up with it. The compresses helped - as did lots of wet heat to your breast before pumping. Cabbage too, afterwards - make sure it's in the fridge and cool when you put it on.

La Professionnelle said...

I was starting to get baby fever and you have successfully knocked it out of me -haha, but seriously.

A Preponderance of Fashion

Colleen said...

ugh i am so sorry. booby bummer.

CP said...

When I was nursing my son, I used these rubberish nipples that went over my boob because he didn't latch on (I guess it was my lack of porn star nipples or something...). Those things saved me because I never ONCE had sore boobs. Maybe you can look into that? It at least gives a thick layer of protection between your skin and the source!