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Friday, September 16, 2011


As we near Week 3 of Violette, it's been kind of a blur. It's not like I ever stopped working, and although I had hoped all of that work would take place at home, it hasn't completely. Two days after getting out of the hospital, I was at the law library doing research. I was at the clinic the next week (although, in my defense, Vee had a doctor's appointment, so it wasn't out of the way). I had a meeting at the clinic this week. Next week I have another meeting. The week after that, I will probably be back working my hours at the clinic. October starts back court appearances. Fun times.

I'm just pretty much unmotivated to do much of anything at this point. Other than sleep and read Sookie Stackhouse books. So, not excited about being any busier. But those student loans won't pay themselves off, will they. If only I were still hawt like I was a decade ago, I'd change professions like this gal. But no one will pay to see my stretchmarks, that's for sure. Lame.

Oh well. Trying to figure what to be for Halloween. I know, it's a little early, but we get really into Halloween. Since we host the party and all.


E.H. said...

Oh, hugs. This is what it was like for me with Pea -- doing work on my laptop while she slept in the bassinet. It's crazy, but you gotta do what you can!

Googie Baba said...

It's funny about the stripper thing. When I was in my twenties I was always worried about making rent. In the very back of my mind, I would think, I won't be homeless. I'll strip if it comes to it. Suffice it to say, that is no longer a viable Plan B.

But a friend at work has an idea for a business. It would be a combined Private Investigation/Divorce Firm. One stop shopping for the wronged party.

PT LawMom said...

Hubby worked his way through college as a strip club DJ. Now that I have met more former strippers than I ever imagined I would, I have to say how surprised I am at how many people do it just to pay the rent. But what bon earth would you put on the resume? One is now a paralegal and the other a very successful estate sale broker.