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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pet Peeves

I just discovered a new pet peeve with my mother: she tells my kid what to say. That drives me effing crazy.

Cora spent the night with my mom on Friday night. Thursday was my mom's birthday (that she doesn't celebrate, because that would be sinful), so I figured I'd let her have her for the night when she asked. So, Friday night she calls to say goodnight. Well, there's my mother in the background "Tell Mommy that blah blah blah. Tell Mommy blah blah blah." And of course my child dutifully repeats it word for word. How obnoxious is that shit? I mean, she's almost four years old, she already talks way too much, she does not need help talking. Then the next day when she brought her back, she kept doing the same damn thing. I'm like, if you want her to talk about something in particular, you can prompt her to say it, you don't have to say it for her. Jesus. Like "Tell Mommy what you did today." Not "Tell Mommy what you did today, say, 'I want to the park, and I colored...'" Ugh, that's so annoying.

She also likes to make up stuff that I know Cora never said. Yesterday she tried to tell me that Cora had told her that Steven needs to go back to Grandma's house and Grandma needs to live with us. Oh haha, isn't that funny? Yeah, whatthefuckever. She can try to plant that idea all she wants to, but that is soooo not happening. Likely that statement started with "Hey, Cora, say that..." Well, the Cult spends all its time telling you exactly what you should think and say, so why should I expect anything less from my mother? Not that I'm worried too much about my sassy, opinionated child, but seriously, she is a child not a parrot. She can express herself just fine, she doesn't need a script.


LEO said...

that is super annoying. My MIL finishes sentences for my son as if she is teaching him things he's never heard before and it drives me crazy.

Laurie said...

Most of the time I miss having my parents around...but then I remember that I don't have to deal with all the little annoying things that I am sure would come up if they were around.

I wonder what kind of crazy crap H's parents are going to do.. I am *so* looking forward to finding out. Barf.