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Monday, August 1, 2011


1. 32 weeks pregnant. Although I'm still holding out hope that I will not still be pregnant at 40 weeks, my OB says there's no reason to believe I will go early like I did last time. She also said that the more pregnancies you go through, the worse the hip pain gets, because, well, shit just don't go back to normal after you pass a human. Sigh. This is why labor doesn't seem so bad after a certain point and the human race continues; by the time you get full term, you don't give a shit if the kid comes out your nose, you just want it the fuck out.

2. I had some sinus funk over the weekend, and spent all day Saturday in bed miserable, unable to take anything that would actually make me feel better. What a crap way to spend the weekend. Especially since Husband is working the next three nights and will be out of town from Wednesday until Sunday for his annual geek orgy.

3. The housing situation seems to have fallen through for our extended house guest, and he no longer will be moving out in August. (The roommate that was supposed to move out from my friend's house has decided he isn't moving out in August, but maybe in September, he just doesn't know yet, yada yada... so there's no longer a definite opening.) He's trying to find something else, but it's going to be super expensive to get a place on his own, and I don't think he'll be able to afford it. In the meantime, he's about to start his first full semester of college to try to get into nursing school, and he'll be sharing a house with a grumpy nightshifter who has been displaced from his Man Cave downstairs, a chatterbox preschooler and squalling newborn. And even if he still gets to move in with my friend, he'll be moving in the middle of midterms, probably.

AND my mother had the nerve to bitch tonight, after spending the past three days at her annual cult brainwashing convention (where she had to get a hotel room and eat out for every meal) about how she's broke and only has a few dollars until pay day and just doesn't know what she'll do. Without missing a beat, I just looked at her and said, "Huh, well, it's a shame you don't have a roommate to help you out."

None of my clients paid me in July, my malpractice insurance and my car insurance premium came due, my bar dues are due in a few weeks, I'm about to go on an unpaid maternity leave, and our utility bills were higher last month because we added another person to our household because her fucking cult decided she needed to violate the law and kick him out without notice. So, yeah, my budget is tapped for the next two months. She can go ask her cult friends to feed her until pay day. And when they won't help her out, she can go eat at a soup kitchen run by people in religions that actually give a shit. Fuck all that noise. I'm getting really sick of it.

4. Along the lines of "I fear change," Husband wants to utilize the child care offered at his hospital, which is significantly cheaper than where we currently go. I'm not super excited about it. Cora has done really well where she is, and we really like them. They have never been just a daycare, they're a school. (I know the difference; the place she went to for two days a week in Eastern Kentucky was a daycare.) The TV was on when I dropped her off in the morning, and the TV was on when I picked her back up. They don't have TV's at her school here. They have an actual curriculum. They are teaching her to read and write. They potty trained her. Her teacher in the 2 year old room cried when they moved her to preschool. She has friends there that she's been with since she was a baby, and she's about to move to the Pre-K classroom. But we pay $165/week. And the hospital daycare is $115/week. Considering that we're starting violin lessons ($85/month) and continuing ballet class ($55/month), we could use a tuition break. So, we're at least checking it out. At the very least, we'll probably see about putting the new baby there. $128/week for full time, as opposed to $200+ a week at our current place. Apparently, it's where all the doctors' wives take their kids, so it can't be that bad if rich people are using it. I just hate to think about Cora leaving her school. But she doesn't start kindergarten until fall of 2013, so that's a long time to pay high tuition. I dunno. If the place doesn't impress me, I'll probably fight it. We chose our current place even though it was more expensive than other daycares, because the other places we looked at were... well... like the place in Eastern Kentucky. Considering I'm not working very much these days and most of it is at home, I can turn the TV on at home and ignore my kid for 8 hours a day; I don't need to pay someone else to do it.

5. Home stretch. Trying to get my cases wrapped up and things settled before I pop. I signed a couple new clients, so I rather envision something like going to court and having a hearing the day after I get released from the hospital or some insanity. Oh well. The joys of solo practice. However, I am working on a new pro bono case as a favor for a friend, that has been quite the change of pace from the rest of my miserable case load of epic crazy. Interesting legal issues, and I really think I came up with a great angle that is going to save what I initially thought was a pretty bad case, and I think it is going to make opposing counsel poop himself when he reads my demand letter; I'm certain he is unaware of my little smoking gun. The funny thing about the case is that I didn't see the angle until the client finally gave me all of the papers, and I realized that I was not understanding the depth of what the client was telling me. We'll see how it all shakes out. Once it's over, I'll ask permission to write about the case, because it really is interesting. It's nice to have a breather from the drama of the rest of my practice. Reminds me yet again that I belong in general civil litigation, and far far away from family law. Recently a very well-respected family law attorney left his practice, left the firm and started doing something else, like foreclosure or something. All I could ask is "which client was the last straw?" And wonder, which client will be mine?


E.H. said...

My God, but this sounds like me in 2007 when I was pregnant with P and in solo practice mostly doing family law. When the perinatologist ordered me to dump my most stressful cases, it was like I won the freaking lottery. I don't think I have ever felt better after anything EVER than firing those clients.

Any way to turn roommate into a manny? ;) Kidding!

I sobbed when I took P out of daycare in 2010. Even though I knew it was best and she hated it. Even though I would be staying home with her full time and it meant I got to quit my job. It sounds like putting the baby in at the hospital and scoping the place out may be a good compromise.

OK, one more thing: we are taking P now to the place that's at the hospital/medical school/university with the doctors' kids. I LOVE IT. I love how bright her classmates are. It is fabulous and we look like low maintenance parents by comparison to the others. :)

But I Do Have a Law Degree said...

There really is nothing worse than those last few weeks of pregnancy. Except maybe the sleep deprivation experienced during the first few weeks of a newborn's life. :)