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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Helluva day

Whew, what a long day.

I made it to the clinic this morning, ready for several appointments. One didn't show, which was fine since the second one came in early. That one ended with what I can only describe as Epic Fail. I am not a mental health professional. I, like, go to court and argue and stuff. And being a not-so-touchy-feely female on top of not being a mental health professional, I just can't handle people's emotional turmoil. Ugh. Awkward. Kudos to those of you out there who can and do. That ain't me.

What is me? Ball-busting. Oh my, am I about to bring the drama. I have a new custody and support case. My client is the baby mama. Baby daddy is a deadbeat that wants nothing to do with the kid and doesn't want to pay child support. Same shit, different day, right? So, I go through the full consult and get the paperwork started and all that... and finally I figure out that the deadbeat dad is a classmate of mine from graduate school. Ugh. Not to mention, his attorney is one of my classmates from law school, the second case I've obtained against a law school classmate in the past month. Needless to say, I'm not thrilled about any of this. Not thrilled about going up against another of my law school classmates, mostly because arguing with them reminds me of the suckdom of law school and tends to give me law school-related nightmares. (Although there is some satisfaction in kicking a law school classmate's ass in the real world.) Also not thrilled about going after one of my grad school classmates, in what is a very tight-knit program (unlike law school, where I hated pretty much everyone), and won't that make the next grad school reunion a bit awkward, heh. (Seriously, I'm probably about to get unfriended by a few people... but hey, I took advantage of my still-existing friendships to pull some photos that will be quite useful to the case. And who says Facebook isn't useful for attorneys?) But especially not thrilled that this classmate turned out to be a deadbeat. The facts of this one are pretty bad. Not that I knew him very well, but I can't like this guy anymore. Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt in conflicts, even personal ones. There's two sides to every story, yada yada. No, not in this. There's no excuse here. Finding out what assholes strangers are, is never a surprise. But finding out what assholes people I know are was not an aspect of the job I expected. It's a small community, I guess I should expect the skeletons to fall out on a frequent basis. But still. Disappointed.

Anyway, the rest of the day I managed a bunch of little fail. I forgot to turn in my timesheet and left the notes from a private client's case on my desk and had to go all the way back to the clinic. Didn't recognize my own kid from behind when I picked her up from school (in my defense, someone had french braided her hair... I have no idea how to do that). Went to dinner with the kid and the husband, and could barely eat anything because I'm too full of baby to eat hardly anything (I didn't even order an entree).

Came home and husband took the kid for a walk and made friends with our new neighbors. I think they moved in 4 months ago or so, but being a curmudgeonly hermit, I've yet to go take over a welcome basket. Husband says they're nice and seemed eager to make friends; they have a daughter about Cora's age, and a 3 month old daughter. So, I guess we have new friends. Meanwhile, I laid in bed and wondered if I was having contractions, because I was having really bad cramping that was taking my breath away. Then it stopped. Braxton Hicks or something I guess. I was relieved, but still, a little disappointed. I'm 35 weeks, but might be a week ahead of that even. The alien is over 5 pounds. It's getting evicted soon, I've had enough. Enough!


PT LawMom said...

Ugh! That does sound hellish! I don't envy you the family law cases. :(. Hope that baby comes soon and relieves your misery.

legally certifiable said...

Yuck. I hate family law because I can't handle emotional messiness.

I always referred to my first kid as an alien, too.