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Friday, August 19, 2011

Fall semester

Fall semester has started on campus. Our semi-permanent house pet started his classes this week. Having him here is definitely nice, because (shhh! don't tell the Parking Nazis!) he's dropping me off at the Clinic in the mornings and then using my employee tag to park the car over where his classes are. Win! Although he's probably going to kill us both at some point by wrecking the car while trying to oogle some strapping young man jogging shirtless on campus. (I have to admit; is my favorite time of year on campus. Especially nice driving by the frat houses and seeing dozens of strapping young man washing their cars, shirtless. Oh, to be young and single again, ordering off the menu instead of watching that dinner tray pass on by...)

Anyway, speaking of being old, married and knocked up, my body is definitely not a fan of the walking around on campus these days. I don't really even have that far to walk. I park in a garage that is about half a block behind the pharmacy building, which I can go into and then take the pedway across to the clinic where my office is. It takes about 10 minutes of waddling. But the hips -- they do not like the exercise. By the time I get home in the evening, I just curl up with my giant vibrator back massager on my hips/ass and try not to cry. The disturbing pelvic popping is still occurring too. All kinds of wrong. And the other day, I totally had thankles. The swelling has since gone down, and I'm back to merely having cankles.

I'm either 36 weeks now, or 37. I was exactly 36 weeks when Cora was born (and other than the birthing during finals, that was perfect timing). I had a helluva week this week, but made it through. Ended the week with a good morning in court (you know you have a good case when, while you're explaining to the Judge the shit Respondant has done, that you hear gasps and murmurs from the peanut gallery that's in awe of such douchbaggery). Motion granted. Judge apparently didn't notice I was ginormously pregnant and tried to set the hearing for next month. Good to know I'm not quite as wide as the podium yet! Then had a business lunch that involved crepes and gelato, which was awesome. We're trying to woo one of the new docs to take over as medical director for our program, so our current director can phase herself out (as she's moving up the food chain and doesn't have much time anymore). She's a native Spanish-speaker too, so we really want her involved. (I told her she could help me not fail at Spanish and sound like a 3rd grader is practicing law.) We also landed a top of the class law student to volunteer for us. He also speaks Spanish, although he is not a native Speaker and is a bit rusty. But certainly he's got to be doing better than me!

Ended the day with a surprise visit from a client who proceeded to tell me I look like I am having triplets, and then ended the conversation complaining about how broke he is and pretty soon the damn foreigners will outnumber "the rest of us." (Yeah, not winning sympathy from me, buddy.) I pointed out that the "foreigners" already do, myself included. My grandparents came off the boat from Italy. My great-grandparents never learned English. My mother never learned Italian. I took enough Italian in college to make an ass of myself in Italy as a stupid American, and sing a handful of lullabies and the occasional aria. America -- it's the goddamn melting pot, and always has been since we stole it from the natives and killed most of them off. We've been bitching about the foreigners since we stole this land. If it isn't the Irish, or Italians, or Japanese, or Mexicans, it'll be somebody else. Maybe someday it'll be real aliens. "Damn outer space aliens, stealing all our jobs!" "Let's ship them damn space aliens back where they come from!" Driving While Green will become cause for a traffic stop. We're just not happy until we're blaming our problems on someone else. Anyway... you can't cure stupid.

In addition to a long week of practicing law and campus coming back to life, Cora started her fall semester of activities. She's back in ballet and she started violin lessons this week. Cora loves her ballet teacher, and has been really excited about ballet. I think it's making a difference in her physical fitness too.

She has been very enthusiastic about violin. Although she was pretty shy and quiet for her teacher, she followed all of her instructions. It's only been one day since her lesson and she's already gotten down all that she was supposed to practice this week, and she's very focused when she's doing it. She's very pleased with herself, and I'm pretty amazed. They really are like little sponges. I hope she continues to be enthusiastic about it and will enjoy it as I did. I really loved playing, and wish I could have continued to play. I'd never have been Itzhak Perlman or anything, but playing with the community orchestra would have been a lot of fun I think. I played for two years in elementary school and then when I started middle school, I eventually quit. The problem was, not surprisingly, The Cult. The violin lessons were acceptable because, in theory, I could go play the [boring ass] music [poorly] composed for The Cult up at Cult Headquarters someday. Oooh. Ahhhh. But then joining the orchestra in middle school required a lot of, gasp!, time with those "worldly" people outside of school. The parents had a cow. You mean, I would be required to go to an orchestra social event?! Yeah, that went over well. So, rather than deal with the conflict, I just quit and sold my violin a couple years later.

As an adult, I purchased another violin and started taking lessons again. I got pretty far. Again, not going to be Itzhak Perlman, but might could audition for the community orchestra someday. Then I quit again. I let life get in the way. Not to mention, the amount of typing I was doing for my job combined with practicing was causing me radiating pain up the tops of my hands into my arms.

I started playing again when I was in Eastern Kentucky, and actually looked for a violin teacher for awhile but didn't find one. That's what got Cora interested in playing. I'd let her play with mine, and last year for her birthday she asked for a "baby violin." So, that's what she got. I'm hoping her enthusiasm will rub off on me and I'll start practicing again myself. Should I ever have the extra cash, I'd love to take lessons again myself. Maybe someday!


Paragon2Pieces said...

This will not be news to you, but my goodness Cora is adorable! She looks so excited about her violin. How great of you to give her all of these opportunities :)

Arguably Ambitious said...

Cora is cute as a button!