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Friday, August 26, 2011


Had a doctor's appointment this morning, and was told I would not be popping any time soon. The baby is so far up, it clearly thinks its exit strategy is through my throat. I was so depressed, and my body hurt so bad (between the horrific back pain I've been having, the hip pain and now the vag pain after the doc got up close and personal with my lady parts), I just went home and went back to bed. Sigh.

Oh well. The doc could read my dismay and said it was normal to feel like you've gone far beyond full term when you go early the last pregnancy. While you logically know, hey, it's certainly a good thing this one isn't premature, you psychologically gauge your pregnancy as full term based on the length of the last one. My last one was only barely premature, at 36 weeks, so I'm just now feeling that "overdue" feeling, but she said it's really tough on the moms that went very early and never experienced that long third trimester stretch before, and all the fun that comes with it. (Like, oh, for instance, checking one's cervix for dilation. That shit hurts, WTF.) Makes sense. And of course the last pregnancy I spent so much time worrying that I would go very prematurely, and each week the baby stayed in was an accomplishment, not to mention worry about what the health would be like when the baby actually popped out, that I never got to the ohmygodgetitthefuckout stage of pregnancy.

But 37 weeks is plenty. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go google "DIY labor inducement."


Colleen said...

Get hubby to give you a foot massage. I dunno if it really brings on labor, but it'll feel good regardless.

Melissa said...

Foot massages are wonderful. :) Also, get a pedicure. So fun and it will feel wonderful because as you know bending over at anytime after 30 weeks is absolutely impossible.

Good luck! Rock on!

PT LawMom said...

I remember that misery. :( Just be careful and don't do caster oil. Did it with my first and he ended up in the NICU for a week with pneumonia after inhaling meconium. Docs said it happens a lot but I still blame myself. Nipple stim, sex, long walks are all supposed to help.

CP said...

As someone who went TEN FRIGGIN DAYS overdue (that's almost 42 weeks!!), I know how horrible it feels! I was going to say don't do castor oil but PT Lawmom beat me to it. That stuff is horrible and I can't say more without going into major TMI.

I hope things speed up for you!

simon said...

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