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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A rather unproductive day full of client management more than work. Whew. Normally I take the attitude with my clients that hey, I've given you advice, if you won't take my advice and you screw up your case, it's on you (and I've got documentation to cover my ass for when your case blows up and you try to file a bar complaint against me because it's all my fault you didn't listen to me). Not today. Today has been Mean Lawyer Day, and I've had to lay the smack down with a few clients. NO. You will not screw up your case, you will do what I say, and you will like it. RAWR.

So, we went last week to look at the new daycare and whatever, it's fine. We both agree it's not as nice as the place Cora currently goes, and I think it's more of a daycare and less of a school, but it is $200/month cheaper. We talked about it and agreed she should go, but I didn't want to switch her until December. She'll be changing rooms at her school then anyway, from preschool to pre-K, and with all the changes going on currently, I just think she needs the stability at school. She's starting violin lessons, she's about to have a baby sister. It's just too much to change schools and leave her friends and her teachers right now. And it's not that I don't think Cora can't handle it, of course she can, but it won't be without behavioral issues during the transition, and *I* can't handle any behavioral issues right now. We're about to try to figure out how to incorporate a new baby into the house. I have to go back to work pretty much right away and be the primary caretaker of the new baby. Husband gets less than 2 weeks of paid time off of work, and his coworker has completely screwed him on the upcoming schedule, so he will pretty much be useless in helping out for 5 day stretches instead of 3. We have a semi-permanent house guest who is starting his first full time semester of classes. We all have to juggle child care of the new baby with all of these other responsibilities. So, the last thing we really need, *I* really need, is a preschooler who is acting out because *everything* in her life just changed at once. So yeah, December is good.

Anyway, Husband talked to the people at the school yesterday and they were pressuring him to put her in now, because there are spots open and they said they can't guarantee spots being open in December. Putting Cora in bumps us up on the wait list for the new baby (sibling priority). But we don't really need daycare for the new baby until late spring, and maybe not even then if I don't end up full time at the University. In the meantime, I'll just need the occasional pinch-hitter should I have an afternoon in court and the Husband works that night, and I have a few people lined up who should be able to help out. I just don't see the need to pay for child care when we don't really need it because I'm spending so much of my time working at home, or until the baby is old enough to give a crap where she is and what's going on around her. (Provided the kid isn't a holy terror. Cora was fine for getting work done. I did a significant amount of my law school work at home, holding the baby. And I can always stick a pissed off baby in the crib and close the door if I have to take a phone call.) But we started Cora in daycare at the point she had started to crawl, and that was a really good time, I think. It gave her time to get acclimated and then once in the toddler room, we could really see the difference in having that socialization. And it is very nice that she rarely gets sick anymore. That first year of daycare funk is rough! (Hopefully we still have some immunities built up!)

But, I thought we had decided that December was the time, and then suddenly the matter is up for discussion again. I'm like, I don't want to move her at all. But if we have to, I definitely don't want to move her right now. So, the Husband's in a huff and called them and told them we wouldn't be moving her in September, and is acting like a martyr because I got my way. Whatever. I think it's a compromise. If I got my way, we wouldn't be changing schools at all and we'd put the new baby in there next fall as well. Definitely not thrilled about it, but it's what we need to do.

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Butterflyfish said...

ugh. i feel you on the daycare & the rest of it. glad you have the december transition