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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Since it's 10,000 degrees outside, we decided to have "family movie night" indoors, to stay cool and well-hydrated. We got "Despicable Me" in from Netflix (the disc... no more streaming for us), figuring we could watch something Not Dora for once.

All was good until we got to the scene where Gru's weird, toothy dog shows up. Cora flips the hell out, literally screaming like she was being chased by the serial killer in some horror flick. Strangest damn thing, and I've never seen her react that way to anything, ever, especially not something on TV. Considering she watches sci-fi on a regular basis, and has no problem with aliens, sea monsters, etc., and she certainly has no fear of dogs (even yappy, bitey, toothy ones) it was a really weird thing to be terrified of. Fortunately, once the orphan girls tamed the toothy dog, she calmed down, and later said she really liked the movie, and the dog was "funny."

Although I don't think she would have been willing to hug it.

Anyway, Toothy Terror Dog must be making the rounds, because I've heard several blood-curdling screams from small children today at the clinic. The nurses must be in rare form torturing the kiddies.

I'll be leaving early today, and am not looking forward to leaving the clinic to walk to my car. It was insanely hot at 8am. Can't wait to see what fireball awaits me this afternoon.

Optomistically, I only renewed my parking tag up through the end of the month, in hopes I won't be needing a tag in the month of September. I will be super bitter if I do. The day I hit full term, I'm getting a plunger and inducing myself. Gah!


LEO said...

The only movie that HASN'T scared my son so far is Winnie the Pooh. I have a feeling the options for family movie night are going to be fairly limited for us for years to come...

CP said...

My son is so freaked out by everything (except Dora and Handy Manny). He tells me everything is "the scary movie." Let's ascend on the movie people and demand they produce non-scary movies that don't make moms want to die.


Butterflyfish said...

My son is almost 7 and Winnie the Pooh & Cars are about the only movies he's ever sat through without freaking out.

(Yet he watches Thundercats cartoons. Weird)