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Friday, July 1, 2011

Long week

Unexpected early holiday today, as everything has pretty much wrapped up. Last night was so busy, I didn't even get around to eating dinner. I was regretting that this morning when I had to go do the glucola test. Ugh, orange-flavored ass.

I finished up and submitted the article I co-wrote to this medical journal, hoping it'll be published. It'll be nice to put something on my CV besides "Attended law school, where I mostly spent time on Facebook and trying not to drool on myself when I was asleep in class." Particularly if I want to scoot off down a path of academia someday. Not like teaching law school, of course. I would seriously hate that. (Even though I'll probably be an adjunct law prof in the spring for the clinic course we're supposed to be offering.) But as for standing up in a classroom and socratizing some poor 1Ls on contracts or torts or something? No way. But I would love to teach poly sci or history.

So, today's plan is to start working on the baby's room, starting with pulling all of the clothes off of the bed in there (which I dumped in there after I pulled them out of my closet because they don't fit), because Father-in-Law is coming to stay with us tomorrow, and our guest room downstairs is currently occupied by our temporary tenant.

Other than that, I plan to continue reading my Sookie Stackhouse book and being lazy. And yay for a new season of True Blood! I tell you what, as a general rule, I'm pretty intolerant of the arrogant, pushy male as a love interest, but Eric... oh my goodness, he can randomly show up in my bedroom any time he likes.

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