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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fun

Best Fireworks-related Facebook Status: "I can hear the sounds of entire welfare checks blowing up outside my window."

Action-packed weekend.

Cora's godfather is living with us now, so we're making some small adjustments in how we do things. Husband normally sleeps downstairs in the spare guestroom during the day (he's darkened the room into a sort of bunker) when he has to work that night, and only sleeps in our bed when he isn't working. I'd recently reorganized my files to work at my desk in our bedroom (and by "at my desk," I mean, "in bed with my feet propped up, pulling files off the desk.") But now, our new house pet is sleeping downstairs (we have another spare bed upstairs but in the room that is an absolute disaster because it's going to be the baby's room and there isn't much room in there currently. I had to clear off the bed for Father in Law to spend the night on Saturday). Husband is now sleeping in our bed (which is fairly dark), which means I've been transplanted too (now on the couch). The dog is irritated by this because she usually spends the day lounging lazily on the couch, and every time I get up to get a drink or use the bathroom, she steals my spot. Oh well. It is kinda nice to have a live-in nanny though. Since I'm on my own 3 nights a week, it's not like I can go to the store at 10pm when I realize we're out of dishwasher detergent or whatever. And Cora's thrilled to have him around so much.

As I mentioned, Father-in-Law came in on Saturday and spent the night. Sadly, Mother-in-Law couldn't make it. (Not sadly, that meant her Shih Tzus didn't make it either.) As usual, massive amounts of alcohol were consumed, and Husband endured the perils of drinking way too much vino. Yuck. Although considering all the times I more recently spent praying to the porcelain goddess thanks to "morning" sickness, I didn't have much sympathy. At least he gets to drink!

Last night, we had people over and grilled out. It was a good time. Lots of good food. Husband wanted initially to kick everyone out at 9 so we could go downtown to watch the fireworks. Since we were having a good time, we stuck around and lit sparklers for the kids. And also, since our fireworks laws just changed [to allow any redneck in the state to buy any kind of fireworks, whereas before, if you really wanted big fireworks, you had to drive down to Tennessee to buy them], we had a show in the middle of our street, along with the group of drunk people firing them off until 2 am. We were watching to see if anyone set themselves on fire and/or blew off any appendages, but eventually the cops rolled through and the fun ended.

My former roommate and her husband came out with their brood, which is the first time we've gotten the kids together. She's got three boys, ages 8, 6 and 2 1/2. Three boys is definitely a big contrast to my pretty little princess, who insisted on wearing her Easter dress, her sparkly pink princess shoes and her princess tiara. (She also cried at bedtime when we told her she could not wear her dress to bed.) Of course, they're all just carbon copies of their dad, so they're (mostly) sweet and quiet, and would rather be playing video games. We eventually set the Wii up for the older two, since most of what we have to entertain children in the house involves princesses. Anyway, in the span of an evening, it would appear that we are now in-laws and grandparents. Quite adorably, Cora bonded with the youngest and they spent most of the evening playing together. At one point, Cora pulled out one of her baby dolls, put it in her doll stroller, and informed me that K is the daddy, she's the mommy, and that's their baby. She made him carry the baby bottles and eventually ordered him to push the stroller. Only in Kentucky could I be a grandmother at 31, and also pregnant. Sigh.

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Laurie said...

Hahaha....Sadly, I am sure that has actually happened somewhere in the state.