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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


These days I mostly just feel large, hot and miserable. July has been a bad month for me financially, as in, none of my clients felt it necessary to pay their damn bills. However, I just landed a couple new paying clients (with modest retainers), so that should at least keep me afloat until the others decide to pay me. Hopefully they will pay sometime during the month of August.

I believe once I have a little extra cash (if ever), I will be (much to Husband's chagrin) installing the security camera on the side of the house. Neighborhood Creeper is back, and just broke into our next-door neighbor's car. I have fantasies involving me catching Creeper rummaging through my car, beating him senseless with a baseball bat and calling it "self-defense." (Seriously, who're the cops gonna believe? The creepy car burglar with a mile long rap sheet, or the huge pregnant lawyer? He was totally threatening me with his back to me, I'm sure of it.) Oh well. He's simply topping the list of people I want to intentionally tort with a bat these days. And that list keeps getting longer, particularly the hotter it gets.

Some fun things though... friends had a baby shower for me and another friend (who's due next month). Just nice and low-key, none of that eating baby food or melted chocolate out of a diaper bullshit. We got lots of diapers and wipes, which is pretty much all we need. Not looking forward to diapers again. Or boob-feeding. Or having a creature screaming in the middle of the night about either of those things. But I'm very much looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. I haven't decided 100% about whether this is the last one or not, but I can tell you this bullshit will not happen in summer ever again.

Still feeling rather blah about my career at the moment. Some days I feel pretty good about it. Other days I just think, what the hell am I doing? Book my padded cell already! I dunno. I guess I can't complain too much. After an annoying morning in court, I came back home and took a 4-hour long nap. The pay might suck, but being self-employed is quite bitchin' some days.

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