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Sunday, July 10, 2011

All the things I have to deal with sober...

1. Meow. One benefit to my 3 year old spending the day crawling around on the ground meowing because she's "a kitty," other than it's kind of adorable, is that she actually isn't talking non-stop. Amazing how the sound of meowing is less exhausting than a preschooler that never ever stops talking ever. Which has been my entire day today. Blah blah blah blah blah. I often tell her, "You know you talk too much, right?" Her response: a cheerful "Yep!"

2. Disappointment. Found out on Friday that a client I had very high hopes for, has spiraled down the drain. We're back in court this week, and it will not be good. Totally sucks, and I'm more than a little depressed about it. I spend a lot of time representing people who couldn't give a crap less about their kids, so when I get one who really cares, who really tries, and then fails... it really sucks.

3. Irritation. Husband's been grumpy the past few days. Probably has at least in part to do with our house guest, and his sleeping displacement. He grouched at me for making too much noise while he was sleeping. WTF ever. Today while he was sleeping, even Cora was quiet. Whenever I'm sleeping though, he's got the TV blasting and is stomping around and making all kinds of noise. He also has an annoying habit of listening to his iPod when he gets home from work, and singing (loudly) along with it. Maybe I should start sleeping downstairs too. Bah.

I, in turn, am irritated with my mother. Today she kept trying to dump more crap into my house. I was like, seriously? I just took in your roommate, I don't have the space for anything else right now! She cleaned out some file cabinet and found a bunch of "my stuff." Which is like sketches from my 8th grade art class and shit. Stuff that moms want to keep but that other people want to pitch. She had two boxes full of stuff she expected to bring over here. I'm like, no! I do not have room for any more crap at the moment! We're trying to get rid of crap, not bring more in. This in addition to the gobs of clothes hangers she recently brought over that we have absolutely no use for, that I told her no and she brought over anyway. We already had more clothes hangers than clothes, and she goes and brings over about 100 more, after I told her no. And of course, again after telling her NO, she still manages to bring over a stack of my old music books and gives them to Cora. Those are music books, she can't read music. Oh, but they have pictures in them. (A couple of them are Disney music books.) So the hell what? She has dozens of books with pictures in them with, you know, words. Doesn't mean I want her to tear up expensive music books that she'll probably want to use in a few years and probably shouldn't ruin now by shoving them into the couch and bending up the pages (which is exactly what she did tonight). And of course, Cora kept saying "Look what Grandma bought me!" Ugh. That on top of the fact that she came over after her fucking cult meeting, just did me in for the day. Like, I can't deal with you.

4. Gross. Had a client (old fat guy) randomly drop by my office on Friday afternoon, and in complaining about all of his medical problems, lifted up his shirt and showed me his chest scar from a past surgery. Um, ew. (And I'm not talking about the scar.) That pretty much summed up my entire week.


Butterflyfish said...

Sigh, curse you pregnancy sobriety!

But I Do Have a Law Degree said...

The title of this post made me laugh out loud. Sounds like you definitely have a lot to deal with without the relief of a stiff drink every once in a while. I was pregnant last summer when we were undergoing house renovations where everything went wrong, including a lack of plumbing for a few days. I always said to my husband, can you believe I have to be sober through this whole thing? Oh,and going to weddings. Another awful thing to have to endure sober.

Laurie said...

My mom did the same thing, as far as keeping old stuff and then pawning it off on me. I had just watched Hoarders so I told her to just get rid of it. If I haven't asked about it 10+ years then I probably don't need/want any of it!