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Friday, June 24, 2011

Totally not into me

Yet again, said insurance defense firm is totally not into me (got the rejection letter today). I really should learn my lesson about interviewing with firms that have already rejected me in the past. Like, what makes me think this time will be any better? I give up.

So, looks like it's me and a bunch of crazy people in family law. Awesome.

Oh well. I'll continue with my "Bosses Who Suck" series of posts and remind myself that it could certainly be worse. At least working for myself, I'm always the biggest bitch in the office. Which these days is my bedroom, working on my laptop, propped up on the body pillow. Life could be worse. So, I'll try not to resent all of you out there with gainful employment, and just be glad I have some small pittance of money rolling in. And who wants to work for some crappy insurance defense firm anyway? Haven't I had enough of my soul sucked out already?



E.H. said...

I know how frustrating that is, but you know, it's their loss. You have awesome experience you can bring to the table, no matter what position you end up at.

Jessica said...

The grass is always greener. Sure, you have (slightly) fewer crazy clients in insurance defense than you do in family law. But you also have the demon Billable Hour Quota hanging over your head every damn day, mocking you and your lack of superpowers of productivity. Or at least this is how I justify to myself leaving my job in insurance defense for family law.

PT LawMom said...

:( Having a job you love is always better than having a job that will suck you dry without qualms. Hope you find something amazing and fulfilling soon.