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Monday, June 20, 2011

This week

This week completely unraveled. I was all geared up today for a long night of getting stuff done, and pretty much everything disappeared. Meeting tomorrow morning canceled (yay), so I have another two days to get done what I was going to get done tonight for tomorrow's meeting. And a hearing got canceled for Wednesday (although I haven't notified opposing counsel about that yet... gotta have a chat with them tomorrow), and that situation is such a complete and utter clusterfuck, I can't even wrap my mind around it all yet, seriously. Ugh. Then I was asked to switch days for contract work to avoid awkwardness of newly-dismissed paralegal coming in to clear her stuff out of the office I use tomorrow (long story). Even the baby shower has been canceled for this Sunday. My calendar is quickly emptying, whew. Not complaining too much though. I'm sitting here blogging instead of doing work.

Last week was our bar association convention. I'm way over on my CLE's, so I wasn't going to attend, except that I ended up working a table for the MLP. That was a whole lot of boring, lemme tell you. During CLE sessions, I just read my book (I got through over half of the 1000 pages of "Pillars of the Earth" in those three days). Then during breaks, I got to stamp people's "passports" because if people got stamps from each exhibit table, they could enter a drawing for prizes (we gave away a Kindle). Maybe about 10 people were genuinely interested in what we do, and wanted to volunteer. One person made a donation, and another offhandedly said they intended to do so. We also attended the family law section meeting one evening, instead of getting the free food and booze at the Kick-Off party, to make a pitch for money. (I'm not a member of the family law section, because I can't figure out what exactly that will do for me, and they have the highest dues of any of the sections. After attending the meeting, I'm still not sure what they do. I'll stick to Young Lawyers and our $10 dues, thanks.) Anyway, that was pretty much it. I ditched the table in favor of seeing Erin Brockovich speak on Friday afternoon, which was awesome, and since our work was done, I attended a CLE session after that on Domestic Violence in Affluent Marriages, that was quite excellent (I was reluctant to go, because apparently the session on domestic violence the day before turned into some epic fail... again, long story). Had a night out with former classmates from grad school and a few from law school, as one of my friends who also did both programs was in town from DC for the convention. We went to our old grad school watering hole and had a great time. Reminds me how much I miss my grad school peeps and how grad school only holds great memories (whereas with my law school classmates, we merely bonded over our shared misery).

This weekend was pretty low key. On Friday, we had friends over for dinner. Saturday, we went to the bookstore (where we bought lots of Dora books), the music store (where I finally bought a replacement A string for my violin, a pitch pipe since mine went MIA, and a new copy of Suzuki book 1 since apparently they changed it and Cora can't use my 22 year old copy) and went to a cookout some friends were having. On Sunday, we hung out at home most of the day while it thunderstormed, then later walked around the Arboretum and followed it up with a trip to the liquor store to buy Husband some father's day gin (and where Cora learned the words "premises liability" after she tripped over a floor mat and fell down... she received a red balloon as compensation). After, we tried a new Mexican restaurant that was rated very highly on Yelp (I snobbishly couldn't believe that a Mexican restaurant outside of Mexington could be all that good, but I have to admit, it was pretty awesome).

Other stuff:

I'm ginormously pregnant and still have 14 weeks to go. I believe both me and the fetus find this to be way the fuck too long, as I think it's trying to dig its way out of my abdomen.

I've heard nothing about the job for which I interviewed. No love for Pregzilla, I'm guessing.

Book club meeting is this weekend for "Pillars of the Earth," which I've nearly finished. Woot for finishing a non-law book.

I'm becoming rather dismayed with my child's unfortunate twang developing in her accent, and am considering sending her off to a Swedish boarding school until it resolves. Things are becoming two-syllable words that are only supposed to have one syllable. Like, "Yea-ah." I am a native of this state, and except when it offers an advantage, do not speak with an accent. I'm snobby that way and have been since childhood, when even my elementary school teacher told me that "pin" and "pen" were homophones. Uh, no. They are also not two-syllable words. "Pee-yen" is not the correct pronunciation of either word. Of course, on occasion, when I'm tired, some twang slips in.

Over all, can't complain too much (other than about being Pregzilla, and such lengthy sobriety).

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