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Thursday, June 2, 2011


1. All work and no play. I opted to skip a second trip to Chicago Memorial Day weekend, in order to stay home and get work done. I was very productive, while Husband and Cora had a good time with his family. Husband's grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary (with seven children and six children-in-laws, 21 grandchildren and 6 (almost 7) grandchildren-in-laws, and 6 (almost 8) great-grandchildren to show for), so they had a big party, including a pig roast.

Sorry to miss it, but I just couldn't take much more travel/time away right now. I used the time to clean our disgusting house and get some things organized, including my files. The only room left to organize is the new baby's room, which is currently filled with clothes that I can't wear right now, clothes Cora has grown out of, and various other things that need to be packed away. Once I get my clothes out, I'm letting Husband deal with the rest. Then we'll have to figure out how to turn it into a nursery, while still keeping the queen size bed in there. (Figure eventually the bed will be the kid's, so might as well leave it in there for now, provided it still fits with the crib in there.) So, now the idea is to start getting Cora to clean up after herself. She does it at school, she needs to start doing it at home. I reorganized her room so that she can get to all of her toys and put them back when she's done. We'll see how that goes.

2. Summertime. Soon, we start back with ballet classes for the summer. We're waitlisted for swim class at the Y, but they think we'll get a spot. And we went yesterday to observe another little girl's violin lesson, so we're thinking of starting violin in the fall. The little girl is 4 and she's playing actual songs on the violin, which I thought was pretty amazing. It'll be awhile before Cora can do that, I'm sure, but after interacting with her, the teacher thought she was ready. Usually she doesn't take students until 4 1/2, and Cora will be almost 4 when she starts lessons in August. Husband's balking at the price, but at $25 a lesson, that's only $5 more than I was paying for lessons a decade ago. Cora's really excited about it too. Maybe it will inspire me to buy a new A string for my violin (which I popped like a year ago) and start playing again. I need to buy new Suzuki books, mine are now 22 years old! (And I have no idea where the CDs are.)

3. Possibilities. That firm that I thought was totally not into me? They're totally into me! At least until they meet me on Monday and see my huge preggo belly. I'm obviously not going to mention the big elephant in the room (being me and my preggo belly), and hope they'll mistake me for just being a fatty. My gut isn't quite out past my bewbs yet (I have ginormous bewbs), so maybe they'll be totally impressed by me, fail to notice I'm pregnant, offer me the job, and then I'll be all, "What, like, really? You didn't notice I'm six months pregnant? Did you just think I'm hugely fat? I'm totally offended! And, yeah, I'll be needing a couple weeks off in September and a private place to pump my bewbs when I get back."

So, trying to not get my hopes up about the job, but I really want the job! I'm not in a position where I'm so desperate for a job that I'm applying to anywhere and everywhere and willing to work at some nightmare revolving-door firm. I'm making do just fine. But this firm has good people working in it, and I would like to work there too.

4. So I can put my car out of its misery and buy one where shit doesn't fall off of it. Money Pit is back in the shop. The check oil light flickered again, and it's low on oil, apparently oil leaking out of it. Mechanic says it's a valve bracket type thingamabob and nothing serious. But another $200 dropped. Awesome.

5. And can afford daycare for two children. We pay $166 a week for preschool for Cora, full time. Full time for infants at our daycare is now a whopping $207/week. For having two kids there, we'll get a 10% discount on Cora's tuition. $356.40/week for child care. Yikes. Still think we should find a part-time nanny and have Husband watch the baby on his days off work until the kid's old enough to give a crap where she is and what she's doing. We didn't put Cora into daycare until she was about 8 months old, fortunately my mom was able to watch her two days a week and we were able to work out the rest.

6. Anniversaries. I was pregnant on our one-year wedding anniversary, and I'm pregnant again on our five-year wedding anniversary, which is tomorrow. Five years. We got married the summer before I started law school, then delayed our honeymoon until the end of summer when I was ready to quit my job, spend two weeks in Europe, and come back to start law school. Five years later, we've got one kid and another on the way, I've been practicing law for two years, and he's been a nurse practitioner for one year. Lots of accomplishments!


Emily said...

I interviewed for my current job at 35 and 37 weeks pregnant (and the first thing out of one interviewer's mouth was "Oh! Are you expecting?") and got my offer the day I was induced. So there's still hope! Good luck.

Jessica said...

I would like you to know that I now spell the word "bewbs" and also say it in that way (in a perhaps extra exaggerated fashion. Thank you for that.

Good luck with the j-o-b!

devinemissk said...

Good luck with the interview! If they're really into you, I think it won't matter if they can tell you're preggo. But do be prepared with a leave plan that you can present as soon as you get an offer.

Googie Baba said...

Good luck. They will love you!

PT LawMom said...

Hope the interview goes great! My company hired a woman who was 37 weeks pregnant. She came in for 2 weeks, worked a week from home and was back 2 months later. It worked and, of course, she rocks.