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Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have a new divorce client to meet with tomorrow, a referral from the pro bono program. I will definitely get my 40 hours of pro bono in this year, that's for sure! But the volunteering is also good, because we just had some major rule changes in family court (like, we finally have actual family court rules, as opposed to just civil rules), and the pro bono program provides forms. While I'm reasonably certain that I made all the appropriate changes to my forms to comply with the rules, I'm happier to take their forms, since they work with the judges to make sure their forms are compliant. And the law is what the judge says the law is, after all.

Next week, I'll be in court for three days, in three different counties. On Monday for my friend's firm, on Tuesday for myself (to pick up some new court appointments... apparently there are 15 new cases on the docket and we only get court appointments if we're there now), and Wednesday for the non-profit. Hoping to get a good result in the case on Wednesday, it's another moldy house case. In addition to being the queen of insurance defense, I was also the queen of mold. I've worked on enough mold litigation that I can tell you more than you ever wanted to know about mold. I even did my scientific evidence seminar paper, in part, on mold. So, doing landlord-tenant stuff when it involves mold, seems like fate. Not a particularly pleasant fate, but oh well. Mold is gross.

I decided to make a list of goals to meet to help motivate me. Goals for the month of May include:

1. Figuring out what the crap I should put on my website. Submitting crap for website to be approved by advertising section of state bar.

2. Getting my personal injury cases wrapped up. Hate those. Reluctant to take anymore, even if they are easy money.

3. Starting on effort to brush up on Spanish. Thinking 10 minutes a day would be a good start, to slowly increase.

4. Putting together a reading list of practice books for unfamiliar areas of law that would be useful. Then I can start reading those over the summer.


My Legal Union said...

Hello! I am new to your blog and am looking forward to now following you. I myself am a newly-married, lawyer-to-be, who will sit for the bar exam in July. I'd love if you could stop by my blog and maybe even follow it. "My Legal Union: Tales of a First-Year Lawyer and a First-Year Wife." :)


MJV said...

Spanish is a great plan. Little-known tip... there are oddly not very many lawyers serving Spanish-speaking clients and those who do are overwhelmed with cases. I think you'd be surprised how much untapped work there is out there. And there is an odd tendency to want to go outside the culture for lawyers. I don't understand that but it was true in my experience over 10 years of living within that community, volunteering, etc.