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Monday, May 9, 2011

Being Pissy

Okay, maybe pissy isn't the right word. Maybe it's "raging bitch." But oh well. I'd like to blame it on pregnancy hormones, but I'm pretty sure it's just a product of my general dissatisfaction with my career, underemployment and lack of income, that makes me more susceptible to being pissed off. Oh well.

Today there was my email snark exchange with a colleague today who constantly bombards me with emails/text messages, because since her actual supervisee is out on medical leave, she has been completely all up in my shit. But she fails to actually read my responses, then gets pissy with me that I never responded. She also, to my great irritation, sends every email to two of my email accounts. Both of which are loaded into my iPhone. Both of which send push notifications of new email, so I get every email nearly instantly, meaning there's no reason to send it to more than one account, it just clogs up my inboxes with duplicate emails. So when she's all "oh, I sent this email last week to BOTH of your email accounts and you never responded," my thought is sothefuckwhat? On this particular occasion, I responded to her email literally three minutes after she sent the email to me (to BOTH of my accounts), which she clearly failed to read. So being a raging bitch today, I forwarded it to her, pointed out that it was sent three minutes after she sent her email, and told her to stop sending every damn email in duplicate, it doesn't make me want to respond to her emails any faster, considering she doesn't read them anyway. I've been brushing it off so far and saying, oh, gosh, there just must be something wrong with the email, since you aren't getting my emails; however, let's be honest, the problem exists between her chair and her keyboard. But apparently her not reading the email is all my fault, because I should have responded not to the email address from which she sent the email, but to her other email address which she copied on said email, because I fucking read minds. You know why I didn't do a "reply all"? Because I didn't want to get another fucking email in my fucking inbox! Not to mention the fact that I'm a part time employee, and on my days not working for the program, I'd like to actually get some of my work done, and not dick around answering pointless fucking emails that can wait until the next day, but if I don't respond, she bombards me with more messages/phone calls, like the day recently she knew I was out for a funeral and she was blowing up my phone. Not pleased at all. If I have to put up with that sort of bullshit from people who aren't even my boss, then I definitely want a real job, with a real paycheck.

Anyway, more raging bitchdom: Apparently I offended my mother yesterday by daring to be upset that she failed to return my child to me (yet again) when I asked her to, and didn't answer my phone calls/texts for 3 hours while I'm trying to figure out where the fuck my kid is. Seriously, if she can't manage to bring her back when I ask her to, then she doesn't need to take her out of the house. Like, maybe I wanted to actually see my kid on Mother's Day, instead of spending the day by myself, sitting around waiting for my kid to get home? Especially since my mother isn't supposed to celebrate Mother's Day, because she's in a crazy cult. Grr. She wanted Cora to spend the night, and I was like, sure, that's fine, just bring her back early in the afternoon. Yeah, she brought her back at 5pm. I was not happy, especially since I suspected she might have brought Cora to her crazy cult meeting, which runs from 2:30 to 4:30. (I can't confirm that. But I figure if she did, Chatterbox would have ratted her out by now.) The last time she did this, Cora spent the night at her house and I told her Husband's parents are coming into town the next day, they will be here at 11, and we are going to lunch when they get here, so make sure she's back in time. Yeah. She doesn't show up until after noon, and she already fed Cora lunch, which meant she was going to be bored and irritating during our lunch. WTF? Anyway, she was apparently whining to Cora's godfather about how she just never gets to see Cora (apparently three times a week isn't enough), and how everyone was picking on her, because we were trying to figure out where the hell she was. Boo hoo. Yeah, you know what? You want to see a kid every day? Adopt one. This one's mine, and I get to decide where she goes, and when. I certainly expect to be able to get in touch with the person who has my kid, because knowing where she is, is my responsibility! GRRRR.

So, clearly the theme of the week is boundaries, and other people not having any.


Flaim said...

Oh no she di-in't! Along with being incredibly worried I'd be mega-pissed too. I hope that she is better about this in the future!

WNWLitigator said...

Oh my gosh. Both situations would have made me equally pissy! I hope you can find a satisfying way to vent your anger...like people shaped dart boards :)

Butterflyfish said...

People who violate boundaries like that take me from like a baseline 5 of pissy to over 11 in seconds. (I probably should only go to 10, but I have issues around this. See my latest donut post.)

Anyway, grr on your behalf.

devinemissk said...

Grr. That would drive me bananas -- the first time. The second, third, nth times? I'd be irate.

Michael said...

Sounds like anyone would have been pissy in that situation.

No need to play your ace card (hormones) in this case! ;-)