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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Cora and I did the AVOL AIDS Walk today. One of my colleagues/law school classmates is on the AVOL Board, and after being non-committal about doing the walk since getting the Facebook invites/reminders, I decided I could get off my fat ass and walk around downtown this lovely afternoon for a good cause.

Cora graciously agreed to part with the television and join me.

After the walk, which lasted about an hour, we got ice cream. And such is why I'm a fatty; I follow up exercise with ice cream. Oh well, I'm pregnant, I need the dairy. And it dulls the pain of my throbbing pelvis. Ridiculous pain, ugh. I think we'll be getting a summer membership to the Y so I can float my fat ass in the pool like a big fat whale.

Just like this. Except with stretch marks. And a full coverage swimsuit.

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Melissa said...

Yay for pregnancy and exercise and ice cream!

We're doing a breast cancer walk locally soon as well - it's really local and the proceeds go to providing aftercare to breast cancer survivors in our local community.