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Monday, April 25, 2011


Even as a Catholic, I have to include "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!" and piss off all the prudes out there, because it cracks me up. I mean, if ya can't laugh at Jesus rising from the dead after the crucifixion where he died for sins with a hankering for brains, what can you laugh at? I'm pretty sure God has a phenomenal sense of humor.

So, to celebrate the death and resurrection of Our Lord and Savior and the miracle of bunnies crapping out chocolate eggs, the in-laws came to town. While they got settled in, I managed to con my mom into taking Cora to her classmates' birthday party at the bouncy place. (I am epic win!) Although in retrospect, I'm rather bitter because I realized... you know, my mother is willing to take Cora to a birthday party, but shit, I would have been hauled in front of the elders of the Crazy Cult for even fucking acting like I wanted to attend a birthday party as a kid. Don't even get me started that she bought Cora an "Easter dress." Cora will never understand how batshit crazy her grandmother was (still is). Ugh.

With the in-laws, we dyed eggs last night and went clothes shopping for Cora. We went to mass this morning, had lunch, quickly hid the eggs around the house for Cora to find (it's been monsooning all week), and sent the grandparents along their way. My mother-in-law's Shih Tzus came too, one of which (the little shit I had to chase around the neighborhood a few weeks ago) had to be drugged because of the thunderstorms. I've finally convinced Husband that our dog needs to be drugged too, because we haven't been able to sleep the last two nights thanks to the storms and the dog's subsequent freak-outs, which then woke up Cora, and caused her to crawl into bed with us citing "the rain is scary" as the reason. So, calling the vet tomorrow is on the To Do list.

Lots on the To Do list this week. We're leaving on Thursday for Chicago for a family wedding, and spending some extra time up there to take Cora to the aquarium and see friends and such. So, need to get some work done this week to tie things up before I leave. I also need to take the Money Pit to the mechanic to fix why the check engine light came on, two weeks after getting the engine replaced. Ugh.

Speaking of the Money Pit, our neighborhood creeper car thief is back in action. I saw Creeper last Saturday, walking around the block, twice, in the pouring rain, being a creeper and lurking around. Then on Saturday, I found my car trunk popped and my glove compartment opened. Nothing stolen, of course. After Creeper hit my car the first time and stole my iPod (which I got back and his ass got arrested), I've stopped keeping anything in it other than empty fast food containers. So, now I'm really pissed because clearly getting arrested the first time hasn't deterred him from committing the same damn crime, even trying to hit the same victims who are his own neighbors, and if I find Creeper lurking around my car again, that bitch is getting the business end of my baseball bat. But, seriously, crime in my neighborhood is getting to be a problem. In addition to Car Creeper, there are Child Molester Van Creepers, who have been spotted parked on the street in a creepy van with tinted windows, watching certain houses, which ended up getting burgled. So, Husband thinks I've lost my shit, but I want to install a security camera in the front of our house. Because I don't really want to deter the criminals, I just want to catch them in the act and send the assholes to prison. I hate criminals. Hate them. Not only do they break the law, but most of them can't pay a lawyer to defend them, so what the hell use are they other than bogging down an already taxed public defense system? Assholes. Hate them.

Anyway, I should go to sleep, it's after 1 a.m. Really sad to admit it, but another reason why I didn't sleep so good last night is we watched the new Doctor Who episode last night, which was creepy as shit.

Creepy as Shit

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platypus = proof of god's sense of humor