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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Workin' it

I spent 12 hours on campus yesterday, in heels, I feel done for the week. There was much excitement: a conference call, a promotional photo shoot (that I was not supposed to be a part of, but then ended up in a picture -- my hair was a hot mess and I was not wearing "real" make-up), and finally, a board meeting with the MLP. I left the hospital at 7:30, in time to go eat the dinner my friends' saved for me. Exhaustion.

But I did get complimented for my work in crafting the law school externship. It's sad, but I really dig compliments and pats on the head these days. I swear, law school completely destroyed my extremely healthy self-esteem and turned me into this needy creature that craves acceptance. So, getting complimented was nice. And it looks like the externship will be a go. (Helps that one of the professors on the curriculum committee serves on our board.) But it will be pretty cool to get that going. It's not much money for the program, and it's more work for me, but the benefit to the program is that we'll have two students a semester to work for us for free. And I'll get to add a little blip onto my resume: adjunct law professor! Hahahaha, oh the hilarity of it all.


WNWLitigator said...

Congrats! That is awesome! I hear you on lawschool as a self-esteem killing machine! It totally destroyed mine too. I eat up compliments like candy. :)

CM said...

It's great that something you worked hard on is becoming reality! And I'm totally jealous of being able to put "adjunct law professor" on your resume. I aspire to that one day.