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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

First, the Tourney: Suck on it, West Virginia!!! On to the Sweet Sixteen!!!

Second, my father-in-law is visiting. That's fun, except he brought a Shit (properly called a Shih Tzu, but "Shit" describes it better). Said Shit escaped out the front door a little while ago, and effing bolted, requiring me to chase the little fucker three blocks at full speed, with me darting in front of cars to make sure they didn't flatten my mother-in-law's stupid little dog. My in-laws live in the country, and don't have their dogs tagged and collared either, ugh. Fortunately, one of my nice neighbors avoided hitting the stupid little dog with his car, pulled over, and chased her into another neighbor's car port and under a trailer. (If she'd made it any farther, she would definitely have been flattened on what is a very busy road.) Of course, then I couldn't get to her, and when I tried to reach her, she growled at me. But at least she was out of the damn road. So, I had to wait for my father-in-law to get there to retrieve the dog (he was at the store with Husband and Cora). After the excursion of my post-lunch sprint, which I would estimate is about a quarter mile, I managed to lose said lunch in the neighbor's yard, a lovely addition to their spring flowers. (Me and exercise are not mixing well this pregnancy. It just makes me nauseous.) And to top it all off, once we get back to the house, said Shit wants to then snuggle with me on the couch! I was like, oh HELLS no! Don't act like you know me! We are not friends! Seriously, I hate Shih Tzus. (My ex-boyfriend's sister had one, and every time it saw me, it got so excited it peed everywhere. I hated that damn dog.) For all my complaints about Bernie, at least she isn't stupid enough to bolt into traffic, and she has excellent bladder control. (She might need doggy Xanax when it storms, but oh well.)

I guess that's my positive thing of the day: I love our dog, even in spite of her annoying habits. She puts up with (a lot) of abuse from the kid, she growls only at strangers walking by the house and not at our guests, and she has never run away/peed on me. Also, I frequently find her in our bed with her butt on Husband's pillow, which amuses me greatly. And she's not a Shih Tzu.

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MJV said...

Aww, we had Shih Tzus for years. They were sweet but a bit stupid when it came to running off. Living in Georgetown in DC, we had our girl Shih Tzu found 3 times (!!!) on Wisconsin Ave, a major street in DC. Dumb little puppy.