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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tornado drills, oh my

We had a state-wide tornado drill. It was retarded. Seriously, making grownups walk down a flight of stairs because a siren is going off is retarded. We were already behind on the docket in family court this morning, then we had to recess so we could walk down a flight of stairs and stand around with the smelly people packed into the hallway, and then finally my case was called. Therefore, I missed the meeting on campus with one of the law school deans about setting up an externship for the MLP. Not that it was a big deal for me to not be there. But I did draft the proposed syllabus, and I wanted to be there. Suck. Oh well.

Made the husband discuss finances with me. Again, it's still all, oh, let's cancel the cable, instead of like, hey, let's eat out one less night a month and not order three beers with dinner. Bah. But I think he realizes that, barring unexpected expenses, he should have the monthly expendable income to pick up my excess expenses for a few months after the baby is born. And that it's only fair, considering I'm the one growing a damn human.

Still bitter about that one. Wish I would have been born a lesbian. Then I could have married someone able to grow humans. Stupid men, not having uteruses. Useless.


Laurie said...

We are in a transition with our budget too. Good times, right? Have you guys looked into refinancing the house? We were able to get our rate down to 4.75 fixed and it's going to save us a bunch of money every month. Thank God. Stupid frickin' daycare.

Michael said...

wow...tornado drill sounds exciting! :p