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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Still chugging along. Still feelin' like crap. I had my first proper migraine headache in forever last week, equipped with visual floaties and everything. It sucked. It sucked even worse because all I can really take is Tylenol, and that doesn't even work for me for regular headaches. Oh well. Hopefully that won't be an ongoing thing. Migraines oddly enough aren't the most painful kinds of headaches for me, but the visual disturbances pretty much render me useless. Ugh.

This weekend was Husband's birthday. He got highly intoxicated, fell down a lot, danced around the house, then decided to do his usual "walking it off" by supposedly walking around the neighborhood, then took off and walked about a mile up the road to an all-night sandwich shop. I managed to stay up until 3:30 waiting for his dumb ass to wander back home, wondering if I'd have to go pick him up from the drunk tank. Fun fact about the Husband: he refuses to get into a car when he's very drunk. Like, not even as the passenger. The movement will make him sick. So he does dumb shit instead, like tries to walk home from the bar, even if it's like 8 miles away. It works, I guess. He felt fine the next day, better than those who were drinking with him. (One of my law school friends, in fact, projectile vomited in a restaurant while at lunch with her Granny the next day. Awesome.) Anyway, Husband's parents came into town for lunch, and he was up and moving before I was. We also went to the bookstore and the electronics store (to buy a new remote control since he somehow broke ours during his drunkenness.) Then I passed out when we got home and slept for like 4 hours while he hung out with the kid and made dinner. Sad that pregnancy is worse than a hangover.

Other fun times on Saturday was going to a 4 year old's birthday party. One of Cora's friends from preschool had her birthday at the bouncy place. Cora had a great time. I, in general, wanted to cut myself, as hoards of screaming children tends to bring out in me. Anyway, at one point, Cora climbed to the top of this one inflatable slide that she wouldn't go down by herself, and no one else was around, so I had to haul my old, fat ass through an inflatable obstacle course to go down the inflatable slide with her. Awesome. My kid is decidedly not brave or adventurous. Oh well. Neither was I, I guess. I was terrified of the diving board as a kid, I think Cora will be the same way. I'm more adventurous now, but just incredibly lazy. (For instance, rappelling off a cliff is awesome. Climbing back up the mountain to do it again? Not so much. Lazy.)

So, other than birthday parties and cleaning up after birthday parties, I spent the rest of the weekend getting caught up on the third series of Being Human (the UK version). Smokin' hawt Irish vampire guy? Hell yeah. Although a sci-fi geek, I've never been that into vampires, unless it's just good writing. Or there are really hot guys. Or both. (Obviously, I also love True Blood. Eric? Yum.) At some point, I'll completely out myself as the epic geek fangirl I am, but I'll just leave it at that for right now.


Jennifer said...

De-lurking to say: OMG! I'm so glad your husband does random s@*t like disappear for walks when he's drunk. Mine does it too--he'll drink too much and know that anything sane like going to bed will actually make him sick so he goes for walks or sits up all night doing random crap so that it will pass. Makes me crazy!!
I'm also just getting out of the 1s trimester of pregnancy and was paralyzed with exhaustion. Glad it's passing and I can kind of go back to functioning :)

Melissa said...

Ugh only Tylenol for migraines sucks - I been there - migraines while pregnant and it was so painful!