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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Positive thing for the day: Sleeping until Noon.

That's right, I slept til noon. And it was fabulous. And yesterday? I slept until noon.

Since I'm logging more than 40 hours next week on the trip to Baltimore for the conference, I figure, why the crap am I going to spend 20 hours in the clinic this week? I'm not getting paid any extra. In fact, I'm footing the bill for gas and food to go to the conference. So, I earned some sleeping in. I still went to the clinic and worked on the cases I've got that needed some attention, but other than that, ptpppthhh. Earned time off!

Then we dropped Husband's car off for (yet another) trip to the mechanic, and went to lunch. He dropped me at the clinic and went grocery shopping while I finish some stuff up. Now just waiting for him to pick me up. Looking forward to hearing all about Cora's St. Patrick's Day party at school.

Tonight, I have work to get done that I've been putting off. I also plan on busting my butt on Sunday getting stuff done, since I've got two court appearances next week, then I'll be out for the conference. We're going to head into DC for a couple days after the conference. What sucks is that the FBI headquarters is still closed for tours! Sadness. I guess I'll just loiter outside of the building and gaze at it dreamily. Sigh.

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